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Babylon looneybin state of confusion!

How do you evade mr. Anderson for a long time? You play along with the big boys behind the curtains of destruction and chaos. Let’s say you end up in lockdown at the Psychiatric hospital. You have no free will, you belong to them. You have to take their medication and be obidient like a dog? Let’s say they have total contol of you and overpower you and give you research chemicals that makes your brain in Obey mode. And the side effects are many and troubling. You eat their poison food and sing along with the hostage takers. You’ve been brainwashed and suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Thinking they are actually helping you convinced you about having problems and give you diagnosis based upon symptoms someone created to make a industry out of wierd and strange/-eccentric people. The only right thing is not beliving they are real but they are in some form of walking atoms that lacks empathy for other people and want to control you by any means necessary. Still you got to fight the low frequent people trying to brake you and play with you because they are some real sick people in charge of you. 

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