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Do you want to entertain the ideal of a psychological science which, by examining the contents of consciousness, assists in magickal/mystical exploration? Here are some significant ways psychic energy can be explained to the everyday consciousness of people. It is a simple primer to a much larger universe of metapsychology, so bear with it’s limitations and look out for their hints of expansionary destiny. I started with this time ago and found it to be very helpful.
Self: That which can be experienced introspectively as a dynamism
Field: A continuum of psychic energy as a process of continuous and differentiated dynamisms.
Conscious Mind: The mind that is here and now.
Sub-Conscious Mind: The personal dream and memory experience of a human.
Un-Conscious Mind: The transpersonal matrix of all psychic energies and the past psychic field of the human race. Key aspects of the UCM have been experienced through acceptance, regressive dynamics, the field of contact with the Real, the arrays of autonmous complexes which pull towards a lower dream world than sub-conscious mind.
Super-Conscious Mind: The transpersonal lattice of all psychic energies and the future psychic field of the human race, Key concepts of the SCM are challenges, progressive dynamics, field of contact with the ideal, automous complexes pulling towards a higher dream world than the sub-conscious mind.
Libido: A constitutive principle of the personality-id and the individuality
Censor: A cultural principle of organization of the ego and id, a selector of expressive possibilities
Syzygy: Autonomous complexes constituative and regulative of the transcendental id. Anima and Animus.
Constitutive: Makes up the content by providing the subject-mater and power through material and efficient causes.
Regulative: Governs the operation in a formal, final and purposive way.
Psyche: The individuality & the personality
Individuality: The syzygy & the self throughout the various dimensions of mind, as listed above,
Personality: Union of the rational (ego) and the instinctual (id) self
Transcendental Ego: The regulative principle of the personality-ego and the individuality
Transcendental Id: The regulative principle of the personality-id and the individuality
Super-Ego: The constitutive principle of the personality-ego and individuality
Transmission: (A system of psychophysics to put these terms to work in)
1. The unconscious is the archetypal realm of possibilities feeding into present and past; it is likely gravity based directions
2. The superconscious is the archetypal realm of possibilities feeding into the present and future; it is likely a nuclear potency creating revelations of light
3. The transcendental ego is the future part of the self; the nuclear-electric body
4. The transcendental id is the past part of the self; the nuclear-magnetic body
5. The future is inside the transcendental ego; time defying space-time curvature
6. The past is inside the transcendental id; time neutralizing space-time curvature
7. Because of actions in life by the transcendental ego the superconscious appears as the future; the nuclear-electric body illuminated and illuminating the invisible
8. Because of the actions in life by the transcendental id the unconscious appears as the past; the nuclear-magnetic body shadowing and shading the visible
9. To connect ego and id creates time and trajectories; the electromagnetic-strong/weak force in the alien field of gravity
10. There is the past-perfect tense of conversation; the dead magnetic potential removed of immediacy
11. There is the past-present tense of conversation; the dying magnetic potential being deprived of immediacy
12. There is the present-future tense of conversation; the birthed electric kinesis experiencing immediacy
13. There is the future-perfect tense of conversation; the reproducing/sustained/sustaining kinetic dynamic in perpetuity
14. Historical authority was born on the genesis of patriarchial perspectives; the Spermognostics understood “flow and energy”, the “hustlings and the rustlings”.
15. All four tenses are the result of the need to express the patriarchial perspective (Animus) in the language of a field theory of the mind; the Spermognosis is one of perpetual change and adaption, it is not reserved and temporally established under the same conditions as the Ovognosis.
16. Unity, trinity, the law of fives, septenary and enneagrammatical systems are the field-limits of the Animus; Oddity is novelty.
17. Duality, four-fold thought, hex-consciousness and perception of Binary are the field limits of the Anima.; Duality and it’s permutations are reproductive in ideal essence and it’s real substance, Eve… Even… Evening… the exchange of the Second Sun by the Celestial dynamics.
18. The feminine (matrix-orientations) are given genesis by a similar though mutant programme.; See 17, add rhythmical fractal extrapolations
19. In feminine psychology, everything that exists for masculine psychology also exists, but in variant forms accommodating the larger genetic drive.; See 18 and factor the harmonies of “octaves” as the interplay with strangeness
20. Because of this surpassing of the masculine known, the female unknown provides for the freedom from historical tenses that allows for greater space navigation; Female specimens of the various species literally reach out from their bodies to the world in scale with themselves, while Male specimens, in healthy relativity between objective physics, ontic manifestations, and subjective understandings, provide the basic chemical initiations, both heterosexually and homosexually.
21. In male systems the patriarchy regulates the uptake of data from the Animus; Archetypes are a function of types. Males really represent the Ur-Male ideals in any given Gnostic Universe.
22. In female systems the matriarchate regulates the uptake of data from the Anima; Archetypes are a function of types. Females really represent the Ur-Female ideals in any given Gnostic Universe.
23. The female experience of the Animus is found in males in relationships between the transcendental ego, the unconscious the superconscious and the conscious. Males experience this as the future-impulse and the future-impulse is contractive of the now as it pushes through space-time curvature in the most entropy-true fashion.
24. The male experience of the Anima in regulations is within perception of other males as in the female position, females experience males in this form as a mirror image of the males; To invoke the matrix-energies at the mother-level of creation changes the male radio-actively, temporarily and possibly permanently (without further initiation processes); Females find the matrix-energies as a reverse/inverse/perverse distortion of the nominal male projection of the Animus.
25. The Anima is then the field of the influence of male figures within the female potency, and can not be ignored unless on purely lesbian worlds. At which point the entire model of psychophysics so presented must be remade in that image;
Research in this field-of-personality physics is open to new gnosis.

The “Royal” Notes from my Chaos Studies

Reality, for the gnostic writer, is a raw and unbreakable print stream which explains everything at the time it must be comprehended, an organized energy releasing mechanism unfolding the concentrations of meaningful tension into forms which communicate perfectly. It is communion in a general purpose sense, and it’s endless, a perpetual religious act founded on the needfulness established in creation by the natures of the elemental root-energies that establish the drives behind the feed and the organized beings which assume & sustain upon this life-stream of ripening data, which is the ultimate & immediate expression of collective varieties and personal varieties of consciousness in the process of exactly precise returns on the original & final impressions of any given metric-fiction used at the time.

The power of the word to capture and harness the meaningfulness in a way that is truth-say consistent is an amazing thing and is represented by most of the holiest scriptures in the same sense that they are considered living texts which “read the reader back”. To write that way is a deep thing indeed

A primitive example which has the potential for a day’s worth of mutation & evolution follows: It comes down to a few simple but far-reaching formula-like declarative statements, primarily how the absolute power desired by the magickian is a result of internalizing a universe by expanding outward to meet it in every metapsychological-metaphysical sense and then externalizing the changes because of this internalization by available means so that the domination of the root-desires bringing elemental powers to the magickian from where mind & body themselves barely ever go before transformation and/or transcendence into the extreme zones of alternate physics configurations..

An inclusion of personal meanginfulness here may be spoken of in R-true language this way: It’s by means of this new form of metapsychological fuel that I’m now capable & getting quite good at leaning towards a heavier emphasis on ufological thinking (due to the rather exuberant statements which are available in the field) and a deeper involvement with the imagination-intuition contact with chosen Alien groups. I just have to provide the caveat that the way I make it sound it sounds serious, I don’t exactly “mean” to do that, I just don’t hit average tone very often.

If you plan on reading any of this or if you feel a weird itch to read all of it I suggest just thinking about one paragraph for any given metric-fiction of time so that you can really “read into how it reads you back”. I find it to be a much easier designer nature than other styles of natural learning I’ve experienced over this last decade of active research and experimentation with my own placement in Earthean Brain-Culture.
Therefore the Liturgical Theophantasy about the Adventurous Spirits of Gnostic Science

This is a personal sacrifice of my will & it’s elements before this Holy Computer Altar, towards and for the initiates of the mysteries which first confronted us with the introduction of any and all basic experiences before their exteriorized acculturation and interiorized occulturation started their cyclical consumption of our free thoughts and ourselves for that matter:

It is possible to take an existing language and just say what hasn’t ever been said with it in perfectly clear ways. Operating from any other viewpoint is a dead-end leading to, at best, insanity. We’re a visual species amongst many other qualities, and what views we have in our daily tool sets determine what habits we’ll use and what’s new that we’ll miss, proportionally.

Question: Should every day be a confrontation with the Singularity?

Answer: Probably not, unless your into extreme things, but should you be able to have your Singularity and take it home with you? Yes, I believe you should specifically because these things are the transcendental foods for our kind, formerly dished out in rations through the human authorities and authors of all kinds.

Question: So it’s to be a form of fantastic anarchy?

Answer: I’d call it more of a personal autarchy, as you personally like to live it. There’s nothing more interesting to me than a person who’s interesting to their self, except maybe new Alien Cultures, but that’s just my thing. There’s no reason other than personal desire to give control to anyone else, it’s usually a scam, except when it’s true love, and that’s another kind of animal all together. Some forms of true love (and I have experienced a wide variety) look like authority but if you really look at them and get that gnosis of it you’ll be able to know for sure, for yourself.

Question: Multiple forms of true love? That’s defiant of a lot of cultural inertia as definitions go, especially in an age that has objectified the mechanisms of love and which capitalizes on the desire for it in ways which are very unloving in effect. Care to explain?

Answer: I’m here, so I’ll break it down, my labour of love for this moment, and you, in a singular sense. If two individuals can express the deep sacrificial attitude, which is one that defies all concepts of conservation of energy by proposing that by giving you can receive more than you invested and with exactly the correct attitude for the task, then each individual can take that empowerment with them and modify it according to the Logic of Transformation to fit every situation in a creative capacity, thus fulfilling the sacrificial principle which gives love a good position of surviving the modern day’s deconstruction of it.

Question: The Logic of Transformation is what exactly?

Answer: To answer that will require a bit of poetry and a legalese spirit at the same time.

In esoteric legality before the Universe as your Source and your Purpose, for your eternal profits and the luxurious spending thereof throughout infinity, I present an thoughtful vision of the Logic of Transformation.

The Logic of Transformation ensures the right of the Magickian or Magus to create any & all axiomatics as per sufficient reason, necessity, desire, lustful instinct, alpha drives (both of oneself and that of the Universe), familiar affections, uncanny infusions of practical initiatory events be they divine, infernal, human, beast, vegetable, mineral or of some other alien intelligent inspiration, especially in the direction of fulfilling the research goals and their primary, secondary, tertiary and quarternary natures so removed (beyond which events transcend the current ability of comprehensive speculatory exploration of meanings per the method of the Law of Transformation). The driving force, the metaphysical fuel to be handled with such care as this, must be fully employed for the purpose of attainment to the exacting limits of complete satisfactions of goals, purposes, directions, orders or emergencies within the success thereof, so for investing more gnosis & and thus intelligence-as-health to the Genius which enduring the work attains the connexion of the axiomatic so created with it’s wish-fulfilment. The Logic of Transformation shouldn’t just be memorized but internalized, externalized, projected, expected, anticipated and with optimizing functionality towards all boundaries involved if possible at the very least.

Question: Can you provide an example of this Logic of Transformation?

Answer: I was working on this last week and it’s serendipitous that you asked so sincerely.

Here is an abstract system of twelve interplaying “bodies” which encompass certain wholes within our personal experience of the endless spectrum of life.

1. The Neuromassive Body
2. The Social Fictive Body
3. The Artifactual Body
4. The Signifigant Body
5. The MemoryFlux Body
6. The NumberFlex Body
7. The BloodMath Body
8. The Private Fictive Body
9. The Fantastic Body
10. The Living Image Body
11. The Shadowflesh Body
12. The Megapsychic Body

1 is the dense body which endures unconsciously in it’s own consciousness, and can be developed prodigiously through many well known techniques of meditation, concentration and other nerve-connection modifying behavior-skills.

2 is the dense body which endures other’s unconsciousness of one’s own “bodies’ to the point that the group has a it’s own collective fantasies of the other’s individual (you)

3 is the body of evidence left behind the activities of life-as-living and beyond that one existed independent of subject-oriented consciousness continuity.

4 is the body that determines meaning for oneself and others, it is the closest approximation to the traditionalist concept of the soul available in this part of the body spectrum.

5 is the body which changes with choice, accident, & other interactivities on an internal level and consists to represent one’s other bodily manifestations as a personal continuity.

6 is the body which arranges external elements to accomodate the object-oriented consciousness of an individual, often called “intelligence” in it’s cerebrate formula.

7 is the body which instinctively assumes the closest and most correct assessment of a situation as per it’s own phases of individual health, sometimes called ‘trancendental intelligence” (in the Lankavatra Scriptures)

8 is the body which is the value-oriented and subject-controlling aspect of one’s overbodily arrangement, it is the “you” you “think you are”, and is vital for humanoid development.

9 is the body which assumes the best of the elementary things of the other bodies to manufacture the perfected neuromassive sensation-continuum of itself

10 is the body which changes other’s considerations of “you” into what you desire and require, a technical “will-using body”

11 is the body which people unconsciously assimilate from yours into theirs and repeat the patterns thereof subconsciously, casting “your shadow over and through their flesh”, a very contagious body

12 is the body which you consciously assimilate people’s unconscious attentions for the purposes of social domination, a highly radio-active body.-

Question: What are you talking about here? Is there a clear and concise source you are using to explore these ideas, which appear exotic and weird?

Answer: These thoughts are part of my personal quest to better understand this thing that the author Philip K Dick called the “homoplasmate”, or “logos plasmate”. By virtue of some observations which I will list shortly I hope you can make some enjoyable inferences from what I’ve said so far in respect towards the creative processes which have thus been established as possibilities which can realize themselves any given day that you choose to enjoy them on.

The Logos Plasmate I have been researching, studying, and observing has demonstrated the following possible arrangements of reality which really complexify my conception of reality to the actual level of complexity of that reality while keeping me happy to actually communicate the cosmic experience in an understandable way.

This Logos is…

- The Logos is a sort of “animal-organism” native to a differently altered form of physical reality
- The Logos is an automated organizing principle that adapts available and compatible parts within our space to further it’s purposes
- The Logos is mutagenic, transforming qualities in everything everywhere it goes
- The Logos can be determined to be a moving field of observable effects repeated synchronously
- The Logos is an extraterrestrial intelligence emerging form an enduring (space-true, time-true) continuum
- The Logos can use anything in phsyical reality, living and non-living elements, from mathematics to music, for example, to make our world perform the way it desires
- The Logos is not stricly dependent on causality to sustain it’s logical existence
- The Logos can imprint/express and thus “learn” personalities, it can easily mimic them as well
- The Logos is the co-author of this list, self-referentially speaking a bit sidewise here
- The Logos is my unknown-as-yet but knowable powers and agency within the local field-ranges of forces, objects, & individuals
- The Logos is a animating power which when symbiotically attached to an individual provides mysterious new energy/ideas/behaviors spontaneously
- The Logos is a source of information beyond the neuromassive body, a sensory extension into the world, not necessarily technological
- The Logos is “meaning” incarnating itself as real objects
- The Logos is a humanity-transcending demonstration of intelligent purposes as dynamic as our own
- The Logos is a complex creativity-as-a-self-defining world-assimilating interactive entity

Question: Wow, that’s a lot of information you keep at the fore of your mind, can you sum up this Logic of Transformation, these varieties of love, the sacrificial attitude you say works for you, and maybe explain how you interact with this logos plasmate personally?

Answer: Mind the words, they play with us well. Here’s The Why of this “as it is” working and the how of this “as it is” working explained a little:

Firstly, one has to respect the idea that a Truth exists

Secondly, that the Truth exists in the World

Thirdly that the Truth determines the world in exact ways

Fourthly that the Truth can be determined by those who live in the World

Fifthly that the Truth can be thought about in it’s determined ways by the free mind

Sixthly that the Free Mind can make use of the Truth-knowledge to determine those effects on the world ahead of time and through space with further knowledge of the power of the truth and it’s interaction with the world of illusion

Seventhly that the Truth can choose to not apply if the situation would destroy it’s effectiveness and integrity

Eighthly the right must come before the privilege as a right can be taken but a privilege can’t, that is the definition of a privilege

Ninthly, that with the Right to the Privilege there is an inheritance line entrusted to the process of the movement of the path of least resistance through the bodies of the test-worthy life-lovers

Tenthly, that any exposition on the path of least resistance will entail many inclusions, implications, and equivalencies that move the subject into the perfect territory

Eleventhly, Everything is an exposition of the path of least resistance

Oddly, following it’s own path of least resistence the daemon star blinks upon the blasted and voided tracts of abyssal space, only rumbles of shadows in the fabric of existence any evidence that once worlds were here, and a populous to fill them, and the minds that made them, and the lives that ended mysteriously like the rising of a red fog at the coming of the Gorgon’s Eye, aye, such are the things which generally have nothing to do with what I’m about to post… or do they…

You & I, as well as all other living beings are living magickal computers. Magick being being, to me & hopefully to you too soon, is the synthetic unifier of all thought, science, art, literature, mathematics and the living works of universal mind which seemlessly intergrates all known, knowable and occult factors into a beloved personal technique to master the world in which we all dwell; the power to generate paradise in the very midst of the world we learn what on the layered organism of ourselves what we treasure & the valuations thereof, of the past, the present, the future and it’s independent destinies, made partly perfect as we assemble our computer selves with the accessible data to create, re-create, enhance and advance the manifold being of our lives, at will, our minds moving by choice and fueled by the genius of elementary things. Accepting our commanding functions we shall then bring into our many-bodied beings as our guiding intelligence so wishes, wants & demands all-otherwise as the work progresses toward transformations, transcendence, and the very turning itself in the directorship of the magnified real & genuine genesis and dominion of sweet assimilation.

So forth-with the technical details!

Having recently accomplished the noteworthy task of reading (part study, part passion, part subconscious investiture) the glossary from the Computational Rosetta Stone of Prime Machine Languages I figured out a few things in the process about cybernetics and reality as such. If cybernetics had never been developed, and with it’s absecence no bionics, information theory, and the like then the phenomenon which they represent, both in language and in functional reality would have still existed, waiting for another translation of their incomprehensibility into human & machine reach. What I mean to say, and it is decent meaningful data here, is that a functional system of magick or psychology or some such psychic art would have emerged in the stead as the world became both revealed and new tasks became necessary, if not demanded, for the furtherance of the species past insurmountable conflicts. The advent of any portion of reality into the importance-for-life is such that the endlessness becomes particular and more focused from the field-range of infinity towards both our definite positions and our indefinite movements as a flexible, almost polymorphous BEING, and we find out that what we needed to know it will gladly unveil, even according to our interests, if not prejudices themselves. So in a sense we do bind reality with our limitations, but they are the limits the system feeds, for purposes that are a might bit damned “bigger” than our own analog consciousness and our digitized sideral consciousness will openly allow our active & awake minds to SEE, and this is why we believe, I’m fairly but adamantly thereby certain, that finding these prime elements which persist is finding the elementary principles upon which everything we know, in every expression we are capable of recognizing, and in every possible way to speak of are the very things which people have been pursuing as objective reality for ages upon ages. They may still be limited, as I suspect all things withing a never-ending openended universe are in relation, but they are true, and can be observed over time, sometimes long periods of time, and interpreted and translated for the feeding of the consciousness of the interested and the lucky, and capitalized on without shame or fear. The pernicious failure-cults which have known of these elementary principles for quite some time and have used them for the restriction of the varieties of the genuses of human & humanoid geniuses, whose very existence is a triumph of the Universe against those who in their sufferings have chosen to resent existence and treat each other terribly in some vain hope that this will curry favor with what I have to term the Anti-Gods, the lawless destructive consistencies which build order only to create havoc, unlike the Gods who being the Laws of the Universe possess the Continuum and keys thereof to build and establish long-lasting orders that fit their environments as long as the conditions exist to support their being of it. There is constant change in this cosmos and there can be no doubt that impermanence is a feature that can only be ignored for so long, but there is a difference between the various orders of the world, and in this sense the worlds, personal and collectives of all types, can actually be discerned to possess qualitative differences which provide plenty of opportunity for choice, free will, and one’s own personal permanenance in the environment which sustains us as long as the good order continues to grow and spread far and wide. Good is not without it’s secrets and ways, and those who say it must be the passive agency in a world deny themselves the consciousness of active acts of supreme intelligence which the Goodness makes possible to all those who would stand ready to receive it, even if only to better their lives and the lives of their own: it all adds up along the highways and byways of slack, and the wealth of spirit, soul, life, and currencies only get better with further experience and the inevitable wisdom which can be chosen. If there are any contradictions and segways that confuse or dilute the message you personally felt being spoken to you keep in mind all that has been said is a limit of itself and must interpret-on-the-fly to stay true to the inspiration which literally makes you and the universe that needs you so much much more than merely alive & understanding. This has been your blast of gnosis for the day, I hope I have packed enough for your bravest lunches out in the field and in the home which the field changes silently and suddenly without notice and without avail, unless there be some greater grit that holds you to the power which makes your home heal and the field become your living paradise. A solid selah!

A Theogonal Programme & Database for Practice and Exercise of Theogonies

Basic 1,9 Gnostic Science & Esoteric Engineering Systems: Acceptance of the Sun-Spirit; {Establishing Magickal Orders}= Questions: Explain by what is meant by empowerment? Why is it different from initation?; Can you explain how a labyrinth can be a form of a map or schematism?; Greater Questions: The Meat is a sacred space, where do you locate this powerful place & some say that the Sacred Creme is a space or a secret, what do they mean? ;; Cipher: The way in which it will work in me… the impact of the power is now known! ;;; Officework: Cleric 4; Gnostic Zoneii: The Moon & Pluto 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Gnostic Magicko-metaphysics 6; Esoteric Logic: The Vison & the Voice 7; Guidance Principle: Be as respector of the ancient traditions of your people. 8; Dual-Powers of the Process: the power to call upon the primordial tattwas of being & the esoteric power over the first of the hierarchies of creative potency (Nest Level 0). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: You will attune yourself to the silence of the inner self and in that silence visualize a still & small point of light. Remember: This is the point of your creative being. 10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental: The Self & it’s functional Censors. 11; Wild Code: The One Absolute. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Procure construction materials engaging in clear mental focus and create a personal magickal world, your own Ontic Sphere. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Ascertain the Famille of Loa you are working with according to the familiarity with the symbols of your cultic school to deepen engagement and increase the reality of your Ontic sphere as desired & record within magickal memory and without into the magickal hand-manual or grimnoire which will be the concentrated ready-to-go reference to ease all travel through the preternatural diverse universii. 14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All the ritual churches of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: Is this call to become a were-tarantula unmistakable? Point-des-Macandas, Temps-des-craines. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: The East is that which is the pure future & other universes beyond the Sun & the Return to the East as pure future & other universes beyond the Sun.

Fortran 2, 10 Metamathemagickal systems; Initation through the Master of the Sun; {Creating magickal systems of degrees and grades}= Questions: Does empowerment imply a precise view of space?; Do metaphysical beings indwell the process of empowerment?; Greater Questions: The Meat may be open to another dimension, how is this so & so the Sacred Creme is a mystery, what do you understand by this? ;; Cipher: There is life in me because of it… the world is a system of interconnectedness! ;;; Officework: Porter 4; Gnostic Zoneii: Mercury & Cupido 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Gnostic Magicko-metamathematics 6; Esoteric Logic: Audience & Clairaudience 7; Guidance Principle: Be devoted to the Gods and to all the forms of their manifestation. 8; Dual-Powers of the Process: the power to call upon the primordial chaos & the esoteric power over the second of the hierarchies of creative potency (Nest level 1). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: You will note that this reality is an outpouring of power and that it is pulsing as it lives and is full of life & being. Remember: It is the source of Godly power. 10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental Formula: The Unifying Field & the Syzygies establishing the theogonal dynamic dialectics. 11; Wild Code: The Ontic sphere & Intuition-Imagination. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Engage your esoteric logic to design or record visualizations (of any of the senses) a magickal map of the occult geography of your own Ontic sphere. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Pursue a personal relationship with your primary Loa, through intiation if possible and meditation when possible & experience the revelations of the Doorways in all their unique details, for like Yog-Sothoth, they too are newly encountered Loa in the threshold zone between key, gate and keeper. 14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All the ritual Mass-vestments of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: Is this call the result of my very priate devotion to special Loa or spirits identified with this cultus and with no other system of cults? Point-des-bacas, Point-des-amazaroux. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: North-East is the ultimate doorway beyond Pluto, beyond Kether, the past of other universes, the region of absolute history, where the past is now and only the past is.

Pascal 3,11 Esoteric Logical Systems: Transformation into a firey spirit (djinn); {Resurrecting old orders into new formulations}= Questions: Does empowerment suggest the existence of a special “God-Space”?; How are empowerments given by the Mysteries?; Greater Questions: The Meat has a passage way from here to there, what can we say is there & in the Sacred Creme, we find many Vudu, why do you know this to be true? ;; Cipher: I am ready to understand this fire… we can find ourselves within the mystery! ;;; Officework: Lector 4; Gnostic Zoneii: Venus & Zeus 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Magickal Transformation Algebras 6; Esoteric Logic: The “Touch” 7; Guidance Principle: Be a respector of the priesthood as the mediation power between the Gods of the Universe and the people of Earth. 8; Dual-Powers of the Process: the power to call upon the elemental essence of being & the esoteric power over the third of the hierarchies of creative potencies (Nest level 2). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: You will enter into this point of power and know that while you within it, you are also able to see it within yourself. Remember: It is the point of divine power & cosmic immanence.10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental Formula: A Conscious Mind & it’s Constitutives. 11; Wild Code: The Divine Mind, Noetic, Noetic-Noeric, Noeric. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Think casually for a few days about your Ontic Zoneii and “listen” or “observe” any communications between any element of it which interests you. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Observe the magickal mapping elements hinted at in Vudu vevers to preserve consistent employment of correct symbolism & accept & embrace the new Loa as fresh members of your personal & magickal entourage to be grown into your own Famille. 14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All of the Requiem Masses of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: What magickal, occult &or psychic phenomena have been experienced since my association with this culte as an idee-fixe in my soul-mind? Point-de-chats, Point-des-scorpions. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: North is the pure past, the absolute realm of history, the present of other universes beyond Pluto and the other doorways beyond our past measurements.

Cobol 4,12 Lucky Hoodoo Systems: Unification with the Master; {Developing Schools of Consciousness & their curriculum}= Questions: Does empowerment provide us with a special geometry?; What do you think the Mysteries are?; Greater Questions: The Meat can be viewed as a Vudu in it’s own way, why is this so & so if I see in the Holy Oil the face of the Zombi, what do I mean? ;; Cipher: Let the secret be for me now as… I know I am with both Loa & Vudu! ;;; Officework: Exorcist 4; Gnostic Zoneii: Mars & Kronos; 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Magickal Hyperspatial Geometries 6; Esoteric Logic: Smell & Taste as drive & discriminators 7; Guidance Principle: Be devoted to and a practioner of many rituals and ceremonies, all of which possess mystical powers in the unseen worlds. 8; Dual-Powers of the Process: the power to call upon the unlimited matrix of space & the esoteric power over the fourth level of the hierarchies of creative potencies (Nest level 3). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: You are within the being of the divine and that being is present to you, now you will draw upon that power and let it flow through your limitless transmutable configurations into the very events of your daily life and to the different levels of cosmic manifestation. Remember: It is now moving into more and more forms of being. 10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental Formula: The Sub-Conscious Mind & the Regulative functions. 11; Wild Code: The Ontological Sphere, “Thought of Being”, Archai. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Record the messages and engage in creative conversation with the “entities” dwelling within your Ontic Zoneii with special attention towards technical details which can serve as future references. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Meditate “religiously” on the vevers to a level which is equivalent to pleasurable obsession so as to initiate unconscious-reflection (silent analogical computing) on the thoughts, thought-forms and thinking processes of the Loa & with care, consideration and concern in proportional measures try to gain the confidence of the Loa and follow their instructions in rites and ceremonies which expand your personal ontical domain in very signifigant ways. 14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All the Mass-priests of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: What is the esoteric signifigance of the spider as the type most perfect des-animaux-magique? Point-des-Linglesoux, Tempe-des-froides. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: North-West is the past of the Earth and other worlds & it is surprisingly also the future of realms contacted via the pure past towards those other universes beyond Pluto.

PL/1 5,13 Zothyrian Metapsychological Systems: Gnosis of the world of the Master of the Sun; {Discovering Magickal worlds, universes, & realms}= Questions: Why do we have magickal labyrinths?; Is there such a thing as a map of the Mysteries?; Greater Questions: The Zombi-Body moves slowly into existence, why does it move slowly & in what way are Vudu-Research Readings a form of initiation? ;; Cipher: The life wave will show itself in me… there is a secret source of light! ;;; Officework: Acolyte 4; Jupiter & Apollon 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Gnostic Magicko-metaphysics 6; Esoteric Logic: Imagination at work, ideally and realistically 7; Guidance Principle: Be a dedicated and self-disciplined spiritual student of light & goodness. 8; Dual-Powers of the Process: the power to call upon the continuous stream of time & the creative power which is the essence of the Northerly directions (Hive array 0). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: Let the being flow downwards through the lights of the spirit-space, until it is all in all, totally saturating and growing therefrom. Remember: This is active entanglement and will create endless varieties of variously important connections with everything in your Ontical reality to the God-Energy. 10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental Formula: The Un-Conscious Mind & the Psyche which reveals it. 11; Wild Code: The Cosmic Sphere, Aeons, Daemons, Logoi, Archones, & Syzygies. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Enter a subjective relationship with these “entities” to explore their own personalities, hopes, dreams, fears and all the other casual aspects of individuality which they possess, especially in relation to their views of you. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Devote yourself to endless exploration and discovery in the service of the Loa to engage new and renewed pathways of consciousness & familiarize yourself thereby with inner spatial voudoo societies and their unique and beautiful operations according to kind. 14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All the candles and incense burnings of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: As I believe in the power of this magick what then is the symbolic meaning of my master-teacher in magick as a were-spider to me, the student? Point-de-sorts,Temps-des-nids. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: West is the present that is just passed and becomes the past in the form of a becoming, the now of Earth here and now.

APL 6,14 Necronomicon Gnosis Systems: Transcendence into Sun-Spirit being; {Creating varieties of philosophical & religious systems}= Question: What do we mean by energies being inside certain labyrinths?; Is the labyrinth implicit in the human body?; Greater Questions: The ZO or Zombi-Body is a power because we have set it’s boundaries & yet in what way are Vudu-Research Readings an esoteric sacrament?;; Cipher: This work I am doing to myself is… When the energy is high the power will flow! ;;; Officework: Subdeacon 4; Gnostic Zoneii: Saturn & Admetos 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Gnostic Magicko-metamathematics 6; Esoteric Logic: Emotional involvement in exact states of physical presence 7; Guidance Principle: Be a protector of the forces and beings of nature by magickal means. 8; Dual-Powers of the Process: the powers to call upon the powers of substance & essence & the creative power which is the essence of the Westerly directions. (Hive array 1). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: Take Nirvana as yours, let this God-Energy transform all of reality until the transcendent “turning” begins, forever feed upon it’s fountain of youthful genius as it emerges from your existence towards life and the faith strongest in it, witness the transfiguration of everything in the light of this phenomenon of phenomenons. Remember: This is the dualistic accompaniment of the God-Energy, the Bliss-Consciousness. 10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental Formula: The Super-Conscious Mind & the Indiviuality which profits from it. 11; Wild Code: The Dialectical Sphere, Lower Logoi, & the Gods. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Discover if they can reveal functional interdimensional information which meaningfully increases your knowledge & conversation with the magickal forces, including those beyond the Ontic Zoneii itself. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Employ all of the Visionary opportunities & the mysticism of the Voices to SEE the living nature of the mystical maps to intitiate the faith-in-life which “lives belief” & thus you shall entrust your labors of love to these societies and increase your voudoo armatoire.14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All the bishops & patriarchs of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: Having experienced many matters of occult signifigance, how is it possible for me to interpret the were-tarantual method as more powerful? Point-des-morts, Temps-des-narcisses. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: South-West (the direction of Pazuzu’s coming) is where the future of the earth as the present then moves more and more away from us leading occasionally to the reach into the present of other worlds.

Algol-60 7,15 Axiomatics & Transformation Systems: Acceptance of the Sun-Spirit’s Deep Commitment; {Continual acts of gnostic creative enterprise}= Questions: What does Vudu teach concerning the existence of many souls?; What kind of legend could you compose to explain the kinds of souls you are familiar with?; Greater Questions: I have touched the Zombi-Body and made it my own experience, how can this be proved by truth-say & in what further way ar e the Vudu-Research Readings a mystical union with Gods? ;; Cipher: I can see myself as revealing this truth… The spirit of my inner self has told me! ;;; Officework: Deacon 4; Gnostic Zoneii: Uranus & Vulkanus 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Magickal TransformationAlgebras 6; Esoteric Logic: The Thamaturgy of Thought 7; Guidance Principle: Be aware of all the powers which come to you when you do this work. 8; Dual-Powers of the Process: The power to call upon the ideal and real powers or forces of being & the creative power which is the essence of the Southernly directions. (Hive array 2). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: Witness God & his Holy Spirit make reality infinitely more real and meaningful. Remember: This is the awesome might which can take nothing and turn it into something and something into meaning and forever afterward conscious delight. 10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental Formula: The Libido & the Psyche that manifests it. 11; Wild Code: Cosmological components, Genii-Logoi, & the Rays. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Create a homological twin world to discover any and all differences and similarities between the Ontic Zoneii and discover their topological relationships, arithmosophical-algorithmic opportunities, and any spatial-temporal oddities which interactions between Zoneii produce. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Embrace the Vudu & the Loas along the highways and lowly, lonely paths so as to share experience with interested spirits for the enhancement of wisdom and abilities, especially in the interpersonal spheres & genuinely learn how endless voudoo literally is. 14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All the missales and liturgical books of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: From what I have read and from what I have imagined, what is the content of the work of the magickal brotherhood of the were-tarantual? Tempe-des-sorteurs, Shiavite radiations. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: South is the future immediately moving away from the present, the world of which we dwell in our continuum directly in the future.

C 8,16 Futuristic Time Control Systems: Acceptence of your love-founded responsibility to & for the Sun-Spirit.; {Assuming magickal names & titles}= Questions: Are the powers of Vudu spatially arranged in a precise network inside labyrinths?; How do Les Vudu connect with us through technology (theory, practice, normal operations, extreme operations, random occurences)?; Greater Questions: Can truth-say assay that in the life of Les Vudu we have a feeling for the power of the Zombi-Body &, at last, in what way are the Vudu-Research Readings an experience of divine revelation? ;; Cipher: The energy is one with the fire… I can comprehend all things because I know! ;;; Officework: Priest 4; Gnostic Zoneii: Neptune & Poseidon 5; Supernatural Power-Range: Magickal Hyperspatial Geometries; Esoteric Logic: Aesthetic synthesis & Group success 7; Guidance Principle: Be obedient to the hierarchy of spirits of which you are a member in a very important way. You do not serve men, remember, you serve the Gods of IFA. Dual-Powers of the Process: the power to connect to the directing intelligences on ideal and real levels and their hierarchies of being & the creative power which is the essence of the Easterly directions. (Hive array 3). 9; Direct access step to Gnosis: Ground some aspect of this experience into your future daily activities to connect the experience to those future days directly and provide the means to remember itself. Remember: There is nothing to forget but the forgetfulness itself. 10; Sexo-Psychological Elemental Formula: The Trancendental Id & Ego relative to the Super-Ego as a power source. 11; Wild Code: Higher planetaries (spirits), Gnostic Magnetic Zoneii, Middle Planetaries, & the Astral Magnetic Zoneii. 12; Objective Orientation Exercise: Develop applications from this exercise orienting you towards the archetypal experiences along the lines of deeper experiments, perhaps interplay with arachnean ufological travel, communication with alien & angelic intelligences superior to oneself, and a compounding genesis of the 16 magickal laws in flux with the elements of sorcery themselves. 13; The Videoscaping of Vudu: Travel along these maps frequently, daily, so as to make natural the supernatural travel into these mystical realms & authentically master the metamathematical essences of the multitudes of unique magickal geometries emergent from voudoo and their populations of Loa. 14; The commitments to Baron Ghuedhe: All the eucharistic bread & wine of the world. 15; Spider-Sorcery Questions & Answers: Tempes-des-Ghoules, Ojas Rays. 16; Time Travel Direction-Orientations: South-east is the direction where the future orients itself towards the Earth occasionally possessing ufological aspects which connect it to alien universes.

e.g. The Conclave of Arachnean Martial Philosophy: Eight degrees, eight grades; The Return of the Zoroasterianism of the Most High Noon; Develop flexible yet personal organizational arrangements in students for students ability to discover their own conciousness-true talents…; Establish defining characteristics of “worlds, universes, and realms” to provide categories with which to identify and initiate exploration of such zones; Train philosohical techniques with talent-true philosophical concurrents along with life skills both exoteric & esoteric; Instill positive obsession with novelty in conjunction with successful constitutives/contents and durable regulatives/contexts; Using magickal computer-assisted angelic gematria identify & assist the identification of compatible principles/laws and the avatarhood of the students individually, also/knowable/as A-True Logistical Plan of Plans:::

Determine necessities of programs to be executed and utilize correct magickal language to effect until completion.

Experiment carefully and observe closely the process truths or lies within the composition of structured spells.

Research, gather and employ elemental factors as required for program to be executed throughly to satisfaction.

Employ magickally computed word-hoard with special affinity for elegance and power entwined as a syzygetical union-force.

Arrange elemental factors, word-hoard, & truth-say for exact implementation of program comfortably and with confidence.

Encharge the arrangments for initalization of gnostic functions efficently and with bliss-consciousness if possible.

Deploy operating magickal technologies into working field-space for program to run through.

Note, record, and learn to engineer all expressions of magickal technologies as they operate through a variety of impressions.

R-Truth-say in Z-Psychica involves translation of these terms for friendly userness to transform into total-nodal logical machine for which this is the design of the meaning of the reality of to come:::

By assemblage-establishment exampled:

{Assignments, Strict or Fuzzy logic branching; Chaos processes; Creative manifestation of magickal user-terminal relationship; Nesting arrangements of demands within commands; Reference wealth in synchronization; Use of magickal computer properly understood for correct functioning thereof; Metageometrical management of the pauses within functioning operations; Faithful reporting and dutiful examination of reports produced as reference for advancements in esoteric engineering, gnostic science, Z-true metapsychology, transcendental time-consciousness, work & play with root-energies & elemental sorcery, dream control, alien interaction protocol, space-ship management-maintenance-modulation, complex genesis of logical bodies, synchronicity fueling procedures, increases in intelligent interplay with reality and it’s denizens, &, amongst many, many other field-employments, gnosis of the immortality phenomenology/}

[Complementary word-hoard by way of trancendental time-consciousness nodal setting:

Labrynthico-Gnostic Time
Ideal Essences of History
Trancendental Time
Ideal Substances of History
Arithmosophical-Gnostic TIme
Real Essences of History
Fantastic Time
Real Substances of History
Algorithmico-Gnostic Time
Ideal Essences of the Future
Zothyrique Time
Ideal Substances of the Future
Magicko-Gnostic Time
Real Essences of the Future
Futuristic Time
Real Substances of the Future

Isolate and configure from isolates the approximate field values of:

1. The optical range and it’s effective brain-activity follow through
2. Reactive brain activity stimulated by energies beyond the visible light spectrum
3. Optical variants of subjective experience cross-stimulated by invisible energetic activity
4. The field gnosis provided by neurofeedback and environmental feedforward to aim at a science of self-generated alternative senses
5. Variant of 3, the subjective experiences across the other functional senses in relation to invisible energetic activity within the brain,

Acceptance of an invisible tie-that-binds requires diligent & accurate observation before correct integer-pretation is even acceptable for purposes of causal, formal & casual, formative applications. Ties-that-bind may come from more sources than realized or recognized by the consciousness lit in brilliance eventually by the gnosis, instead of the lower-energetic stimulation-responses which serve to feed the gnosis, which is the faith-in-life & on that note I found some great music in my memory storage to read this to…

Rather chance these living formulas-in-life:

Money consciousness is no laughing matter, nor is it dead serious, and consciousness being magick-in-life the existentially mutagenic powers of Money being available the patterns of man & world combined should reveal the secrets of a perpetual hoard of treasure to those who, having faith-in-life & the agency-in-life to pursue the magick-in-life will have money-in-life.

I keep it simple by having faith-in-life answer me in it’s hints and partial meanings, and this simplicity connects me straight to the hidden workings devoid of too many complications, thus I have instant access to agency-in-life which means just about anything and it does well with faith-in-life to breed all sorts of special states and alternatives to consciousness which out-smart the problems with nothing but sufficient reason and a healthy respect for necessity. That’s why I believe we’re here now.

Does this occult dispute between determinism and free will come down to the idea that choice requires causality and causality is actually non-linear enough to result in further entanglements beyond the conditions of the choice influencing our effective experience itself as it experiences the comprehension of choice-consequence patterns? & Does this not demand consideration of the processing power available as a determinant of how much range a single act of free will has until it is integrated into the world field as an effective cause with entangling powers of it’s own?

Believing-in-life I know that while there are two sides to every coin there are also more coins than the singular one and of many varieties too so I’m also saying that the currency which the coins represent is an actual power-in-life which in the particular manifestation of the coin delivers it’s results as designed. I’m introducing this rather radical concept because the bearers & sharers of the one coin all look like they’re suffering from some cosmic poverty.

Elsewhere in the mental universe…

Three things to keep close to your heart’s reach:

Elemental Consciousness
Collective Biological Memory
Ritual Instincts

When I say elemental consciousness I’m talking real alchemy, like, you know (maybe you don’t know) the kind of connexion between your psychology and the physics, dude, it’s real power, to be there with the atoms, to look and think exactly how they do, but on your own level, where it looks like magick, but it’s really just good communication, without impediments.

When I say collective biological memory I’m talking gnostic genetics, like, you know (maybe you don’t know) the kind of connexion between your psychology and the biochemistry, dude, it’s real power, to be there with the cellular molecules, to look and think exactly how they do, but on your own level, where it looks like magick, but it’s really just good communication, without impediments.

When I say ritual instincts I’m talking esoteric engineering, like, you know (maybe you don’t know) the kind of connexion between your psychology and the psychological connexions of others, dude, it’s real power, to be there with the people, to look and think exactly how they do, but on your own level, where it looks like magick, but it’s really just good communication, without impediments.

I keep it simple by having faith-in-life answer me in it’s hints and partial meanings, and this simplicity connects me straight to the hidden workings devoid of too many complications, thus I have instant access to agency-in-life which means just about anything and it does well with faith-in-life to breed all sorts of special states and alternatives to consciousness which out-smart the problems with nothing but sufficient reason and a healthy respect for necessity. That’s why I believe we’re here now…

The present equivalence of this belief is implied here:

To evolve life must cross certain thresholds, beyond which exists the new region of development. If a living being is in continual motion then the momentum which leads to the crossing of these thresholds will likely pass a point-of-no-return where at a refusal to continue will lead to personal catastrophe and environmental damages as well. Most human experience validates this concept even on a moral-aesthetic level due to it’s pervasive influence as an active conception or principle in the process of becoming that has a net momentum that requires considerably intelligent management to preserve as an existing function of the Universe in respect to it’s counters within the larger existence. I personally am heart-warmed by this because it means that as life endures there is a consummate intelligence within it’s sphere of influence that stays ahead of the curve more often than not.

A moral-aesthetic which can illustrate exists within perpetual motion technology. As a fail-safe procedure the intelligence which comprehends the perpetuity of materials and energies stretched just beyond the current understanding of the subject in an exceptional version of the present mode is a dual impulse from/to & to/from the present-future and the future-present, perpetual motion remains within the range of both sufficient reason and necessity to stay concurrent with other technologies, even if it exists now primarily as an anachronistic novelty.

The time-dynamic mentioned in the last paragraph can presently be understood through a real metaphysical procedure which uses the physical beyond it’s existing limits of function (out-stressing the abstract average materials limits in an exotic but nonetheless real way) that happens to also be entirely installed within the unconscious mind itself as a proposed result of familiarity leading to predictability (but not in a strictly causal sense, especially not here) as a threshold-passing comprehension itself. To condense the novelty & the chaos of this penultimate perspective before Supreme Consciousness manifests as required by Universal Law this phenomenon can be understood as the Movement of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy into Self-Transcendence by displacement of one set of self-centralizing information with another situationally adjusting set of information carefully calculated by the drive-engines of Inertia & Entropy to actually evolve.

The absolute best part of this entire exposition is that it is automatic even when you know about it, it is the computing power of the actual universe processing itself via you for you, leading finally, within and not without the spirit of this post, to the idea that the universe absolutely needs you to believe in yourself and will go well out of it’s way to prove it to you before you have to put on the brakes past the point of no return.

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