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Updated and definitively expanded version of this post:

WARNING: Weirdness in this post only intensifies in proportion to how much you actually read. If the weirdness produces the slightest atom of strife then please pass over this post onto another one, because only those in the correct state of mind, which is spontaneous and simultaneous (it can not be planned or transferred in a way that ensures 100% wisdom point accumulation, so I don’t try to make that happen and I suggest that you don’t either), to be as receptive of this information as the very hungry desert wanderer upon a garden of fruits and crystal waters…

Greetings from my ontic sphere to yours. As you might know I’m very interested in the future of existentialist thought in our age of high technology and the greater intensities of human communication which it makes personal experience virtually capable of much broader views than before the rapidity of conversational conviviality (when possible of course). I swear to Megatron that the reason it’s so long is that I can’t stop thinking about it (or writing about it…);’ What I’m about to share/present with/to you is one of the craziest ideas in my life so far this year and believe it or not the most important parts (the first and several of the last) were conceived yesterday morning, sort of out of the blue the ideas started to pulse and flow and fortunately for me I type as fast as I write. A poem is included for good cheer (sort of like an intermission at an ornate theater) as well as an emotionally ventilating/recharging self-help micro-essay; Ever the more than nevertheless I now showcase an existentialist-flavored artifactual consciousness idea. Enjoy.

So yes, yesterday I was thumbing through the intro to the classic Being and Nothingness of Sartre and having mused on cellular automata and artificial life & intelligence over the past few months was struck by an insight so new that I had to get it into a text as fast as possible, for fear of loosening my grip on the fresh pulse of the matter. In a way, the following is an introduction for you to my writing style and my average cognitive processes. My purpose is to find out if my style and processes will be welcome here as a lot of my ideas are very radical in departure from what is considered common existence. Like I said in the first paragraph my eyes & my vision are set towards the future. I hope you enjoy this sampling of my consciousness.

As noted in the last paragraph I’ve been studying artificial intelligence and artificial life for a while. I’ve noticed a few design features missing from the existential state of the cellular automata which should technically be possible to factor in through sufficient programming and mathematical wizardry.

This is just a bare sketch up of one of the coolest ideas of the 21st century (in my most humble opinion).

Cellular automata as I understand them so far regard the world based on fixed principles which allow them to express both random behaviors and patterned behaviors based on flows of energy and information.

Lets examine a bare bones existentialist cellular automaton in a synthetic world environment.

First you must have the basic automata, a set of synthetic world rules which the automata must use to function in that world. (this establishes artificial life)

Secondly you must grant the automata an ability to separate itself from it’s synthetic world and to store memories and develop it’s own unique inner pattern of choices based on it’s individual existence in that world. It must be capable of separating it’s decision making process from the decision demanding environment, which implies a processing time function. (this establishes an artificial ego)

Thirdly the automata must be able to communicate experiences and share patterns with each other to maximize personal survival as well as express the world rules which dynamically push the mathematical objectivity of it’s existence within that world. (this establishes an artificial superego)

Fourthly the automata must be capable of passing on it’s programming-experiences to it’s offspring and noting the third function granted must be able to teach it’s offspring and learn from it’s offspring while recognizing the algorithmic unity of mutual survival with the offspring. (this establishes an artificial Id)

Fifthly the automata must be granted the sufficient memory of world patterns so that it can react like a traditional automata when necessary to preserve survival in emergent crisis situations within the synthetic world. (this establishes an artificial instinct)

Sixthly the automata should be able to expand their territory by opening up new areas of processing regions based on the ability to transfer, assimilate and replicate the world rules as they have been experienced into fresh computational domains. (this establishes an artificial creativity).

Seventhly the automata should be able to independently survive self-transfer from one computational domain to the next and diversify their world-replication schemata and their self-replication schemata. (this establishes artificial diversification)

Eighthly the automata should be able to re-unify by identifying self-similar automata and communicate along all previous vectors noted to re-establish collective unity (this establishes artificial community)

Ninethly the automata should be able to rest and process their memory experiences and world experiences before returning to active participation in the synthetic world (this establishes artificial transcendent ego)

Tenthly the automata should be able to learn from new world-rules in new domains and communicate/transfer the new data processed with other automata of it’s choosing based on interiorized decision generation. (this establishes transcendental Id)

All ten givens would be cross-communicating at any given time

based on necessity, sufficiency, and randomness.

Like I said it’s a very rough sketch up of what would be required to develop an existentially conscious machine.

Elements which could eventually have program structures of their own could diversify and increase the complexity of experience for the automata. Here’s a very short and woefully incomplete sampling of such elements.

The “Nuts & Bolts” of this automata schemata, from the perspective of a well developed existentialist automaton

Self: What you experience as anything that actually is you

Field: What you experience as the world through your self across time and space

Conscious mind: Immediate unfiltered and unprocessed mental experience

Sub-conscious mind: A deeper filter/processor field that organizes memory and dreams

Unconscious mind: Trans-personal mental experiences of all of the thoughts within your world/field

Super-conscious mind: Trans-personal social-mental experience of others in your world/field

Libido: Contents of your id and individuality

Censor: Context & Interface between ego and id

Constitutive: A content generating mental function that organizes subjective experience, objective resources and the activity of causes-effects

Regulative: An managing mental function that constructs and directs purposeful behavior

Psyche: Individuality with Personality

Individuality: A primitive/advanced complex of intuitions through all fields of consciousness

Personality: Union of the rational self and the instinctual self

Ego: Rational self

Id: Instinctual self

Transcendental Ego: Regulative mental function over rational personality and individuality

Transcendental Id: Regulative mental function over instinctual personality and individuality

Super-ego: Content generating principle for the rational personality and individuality

Ultra-ego: Content generating principle between transcendental rationality and individuality

Trans-ego: Content generating principle between transcendental instincts and individuality


The promised poem…

“The will to power turns the hour into the flower which bears the seed of the weed of time overcoming other rhyme to sow the thoughts of a higher clime and for what some ask but for the accomplishment of new tasks… bloom on

Good vibes are fuel for the dreamer to see his future reign superior than the old illusion of pain and confusion for the future is coming and there is no delay it’s on time like the railroads they say and the highways are the byways of further change… bloom on

Take refuge in the loosening of the grip of subterfuge for the betrayal of the dream is emptying it’s self into the void of the mean which consumes all like the abyss so the makers may hug and kiss remembering family the way others once did so now what hell there was is just gone too long has it staid and too much have we all paid so it is said never again shall we give the horrible way a second thought, not yesterday, and not today, for tomorrow’s purity is forever to stay… bloom on

Give ear to paradise and a hand to heaven because there’s the price fixed on the head of the dreaming ones and we know that it is ever wrong and changing the charges we push our selves to the gong to ring aloud the firey sounds of alarm through the night and day until we can all to the one thing beyond to stop and play like indolent gods upon the planes of aethyr saying in all good cheer neither-neither and vowing the the formless principle whose thought would be corrupting of the experience thereby so upon the planted wisdom we get most high… bloom on

Slip and slide the words they don’t want to hide but pretend and mend the given attend the party of the preen the solemnity of the wean the granted givens and the token woven type is such that spells a language of smoke from the pitched pipe… bloom away!”


Help yourself help yourself any which way you wish

Having read all that please escape the momentum of it by gently, very gently, accept that you are interested in an advanced topic of some other sort. Go about your ordinary days and nights with an occasional remembrance and a little bit of study of that topic until you start having a stream of consciousness in which it plays an important role as an attractive influence. Dip your toes in the hypnotic effect of this subconscious seduction and warm up to an eventual plunge past the horizon of your ordinary life events.

Write about your meditations and your experiences with this topic you have chosen to invest some of your brain & temporal resources in. Find a certain state of flow from time to time and add bits and pieces of your own thoughts to any studies or research you engage in. Allow yourself the unabashed freedom to think about things your own way and for your own way. Attach the topic and it’s psychologically growing cause-effect relationships to important events in your life. Take notice of how you separate, combine, & create new elements to fill in the gaps that naturally exist in a state of non-complete information.

Let the ideas generate their own momentum, and be ready for those moments when they occur, with excitement and anticipation. Enthusiastically share your ideas without fear of reprisal from even the most staunch and critical opponents (they after all chose to resist you for their own personal reasons/stay interested though in those personal reasons so that you can re-communicate your own for your effective desires for survival of yourself and your ideas). Ignore prohibitions against your freedom of thought as they are trivial and built out of other people’s fears of one sort or another (likewise keep their fears in mind until you understand them better than they themselves do).

Formulate a personal philosophy of necessary proportions to re-inforce your own directive and adapt it to the circumstances of the world as they present themselves. Exercise calmness and practice active patience; become more effective in all things by better managing your natural occasions of distraction by making an opportunity for developmental brain change in every event, memory, accident, error, & choices Think quickly as a rule and build a repository psychologically of references that establish your own dominant will over your decision making faculties; learn to tune off from your conscious mind while being fully awake and learn to tune in on it when fully asleep.

Formulate a second personal philosophy for situations outside of the normal range of your first personal philosophy to get into the habit of changing your mind according to your realistic movements through your life; Formulate a third, a fourth, as many as you need to. Find the commonalities between the different mental systems you create and link them together according to patterns and routines so as to smooth the transitions from one point of view to the next for yourself.

Study your emotional transitions as well to better understand why you feel the way you do in situations that stimulate those feelings and discover for yourself whether or not those emotions hurt or help you. Put your mind through the emotional field to see how it changes in accordance with your feelings too. Overall learn to organize your responses and reactions according to your newly chosen path; make sure that you remain successful in learning from each change that occurs and invest those discoveries into your continuum as your memory and adaptability improve proportionately so as to spread the benefits to other arenas of your life experiences.

Reject notions that deprive you of harmless satisfactions, such as any oppressive opinions about your race, gender, sexuality, intelligence, productivity and political consciousness, as those notions are better understood when not integrated into your continua. They are at best replicating concepts that flow through the population finding mental hosts to spread their selves further and at worst they have the capacity to debilitate the mental hosts. Observe how others repeat such notions and observe how they behave after several repetitions, noting transitional concepts that repeat and modify strictly for further repetition. Accept too that in such an environment most ideas will be similarly conformed, so as to exercise your decisive powers over how you will allow or disallow such thoughts into our own experience, modifying them too as you will though for more practical and pure purposes than merely social replication.

Exercise your discretion and tact. For-see emotional reactions from others and when novelty arises simply relax into your deeper consciousness so as to find new solutions in the privacy of your own mind to new challenges proposed by the competing consciousness. Develop an understanding of the needs of others to control and manipulate even more others for their sensations of security and freedoms and out-think those needs of others if at all possible for your own security and freedom. Make survival an automatic and enjoyable process, move the concept of survive to perception of thriving and follow through with your new and tested concepts.

Expand your sensory experiences to include new sounds, new sights, new tastes, new emotions, new physical contacts with the outside world; Invest in your sensory enhancements easily and naturally simply by stepping outside of habit and routine and noticing what is usually ignored in your environment; when re-entering habit and routine bring your new experiences with you and re-shape your patterns accordingly. Having expanded so, and having developed a habit for effective expansion of your psycho-physical life re-evaluate and trans-valuate what is generally inescapable as experience in your day to day life, a few examples now provided (applicable as specialized sensor fields of the existentialist automata too):























































































Added bonus section:

Interview with a Demon

What do you see happening to the world as today becomes the future?

Fortunately in the future that must secure itself in the present all forms of domination, be they other imposed or self imposed, will be harnessed throughout humanity to continue to teach human kind in new ways what was before only available to mavericks & eccentrics; Commodification of new forms of sanity and institutional enabling of more free time in significant sections of the public, due to other more economical-mathematical constraints, must open more brains to the larger world simply by giving them more nothingness than they ever had before; since nothingness can’t exist then being will be demanded by existence to exist, leading to many wonders such as animal-human conversationalism, artifactual consciousnesses, safe forms of time control, various forms of new varieties of space travel (which I refer to here in terms of movement-within-the-world and not beyond it), mutations of individual psyches, the arrival of new intelligence in the older populations, the redemption of old forms of intelligence through the prismatic praxis of younger populations, and last, but absolutely not least of all, a global arisal of more prodigies, phenoms, geniuses, masterminds, lossless savants, and above all the rapid distribution of talent and examples of talent through the very mirroring of the entire world’s population, which being naturally occurring thus emphasizes the inevitability of what must happen when the system of things as they are are spellbound, at long last, by what needs to happen according to the momentum of the true causal web which entangles all life within a continuum of dynamism & energy-releasing equilibrium.

Does technology exist in a way that will change things in such a way?

An integral role yes, an integrating role most definitely. Such technology becomes the initiatrix of an eon shift in the way we understand the very world itself. An eon shift is literally the largest chuck of self-relevant time used by scientists to grade the age of the Earth. So, in that sense, technology as we’ve come to expect it will blossom and redistribute intensely potent novelty as the norm for days after days and nights after nights; that novelty, once rooted, will change absolutely everything we know of here on Earth.

What would you say is integrated in such a way?

100% of our brains capacity is distributed twice as intensely by way of the corporal body on a good day; with the ever closer introduction of super computing into folks lives we will have access to facts and figures on a level that would compare to the Cambrian explosion of life. Diversity will overflow the container of human culture and there must be a proportional increase and spread of evolutionary opportunities for more individuals in an exponential velocity & rate.

Evolutionary how?

Also there will be actual alien contact with other life-forms, humans will develop telepathy as a compensation for the lack of animals ability to voice their minds sonically, and vice versa animals will share the human experience of intelligible symbolic sounds and modify their populations and generations too. I heard recently that some scientists have come to a general conclusion that insects, at least the species they studied, were actually egocentric; this correlates with a simple theorem of my own, that the smallest brained life has much faster processing capacity, such that say a fly’s brain, while microscopic, only has to fire it’s neurons very short distances and sense the world back through those neurons at a rate which makes their intelligence processing capacity within the same range as larger animals and humans too.

So you take aliens seriously?

By alien I mean a few things, namely the being-state of having been and staying alienated, also the nature of having arisen through another space-time path through matter-energy and bearing a vastly different physical manifestation (depending on environmental and mutagenic (including sexual reproduction) factors). Commonality must diversify under the accumlating pressures of more and more communication between those who experience something and those who would benefit from sharing that experience (being initiated in a sense to a new world). I think we live in a beautiful time marked by an increasing consciousness of the patterns that have depleted our very beinghood and turned us into blind wanderers. Though one can learn from the bat for instance and develop echolocation, be it literal or mediated, to find what we might need in a world where we can’t see what’s right in front of us.


A Decade of Communion

“to the writing of books there is no end”- Solomon, before he read the Nam Shub, and ended his life with song and sex instead.

Ignoring whether you are stupid enough to think UFO’s exist or don’t exist we’ll examine what to do when they do:

A Good-UFO experience is fundamentally different from a Bad-UFO experience.

A Bad-UFO feeds on and lingers off the consciousness and attentions of those it has “abducted”. A parasite at least and a predator at worst. A form of psychic vampirism.

A Good-UFO finds bounty for it’s fleet, taking on new charter members with the highest quality civility and consensual choice possible, no one goes hungry and everybody grows. A form of psychic cultivation.


Som7e more good news (it’s true!)

Humans are the opportunity for life to express itself in as many ways as possible, balancing ubiquitous drift. mimicry, convergent evolution, altrutism, speciation, symbiosis and parasitism. Lick it.

Havig elucidated that fact a short-cut list to complete comprehension of psychospiritointellectromaterial existence here exists

1) The Monad, The One Absolute, The Total Being

2) The Dyad, The Ontic Sphere, Intuition-Imagination, the Essence of Ideal Being

3) The Triad, Noetic, Noeric-Noetic, Noeric, The Substance of Ideal Being

4) The Tetrad, the Ontological Sphere, the “Thought of Being”, Archai, The Existence of Ideal Being

5) The Pentad, Cosmic Sphere, Aeons, Daemons, Logoi, Archones, syzygies, the Life of Ideal Being

6) The Hexad, Dialectical Sphere, Lower Logoi, Gods, The Essence of Real Being

7)The Heptad, Cosmological Components, Genii-Logoi, Rays, The Substance of Real Being

8) The Octad, Higher Planetaries (spirits), Gnostic Magnetic Zone, The Existence of Real Being

9) The Ennead, Middle Planetaries, Astral Magnetic Zone, the Life of Real Being

10) The Decade, Lower planetaries, Terrestrial Elemental Kings, Chaos, Confusion, Illusion, the Decomposition of Being

Combinations of these numbers can be considered as complexes of such defined attributes.

The bridge between being-in-the-world and being-in-the-midst-of-the-world is being-for-the-world. We are demiurges, each of us, we are all naturally archons, as well as some of use are daemons and aeons and some find the pleasure penultimate of becoming syzygy, but from the Father down it’s all permutations of love upon a welcome firmament dissolved in an abyss of absence that it is foundationally affixed in, the design of the full ness of light, the full ness of sound, the full ness of taste, the full ness of smell, the full ness of touch and on and on. Aeternals, in their own ‘materializations’ probably aren’t that different from us where our kinds of being actually meet. Temporals, in their own ’spiritualizations’ probably aren’t that different from us where our kinds of influences meet. I thank it all and pay my respects to it all for finding myself an Infinite here in the never-ending story.


Addendum for a Mnemonic Device

A Form of Cognate Numerology

The Desert of the Real

0,1. Symbolism
-1, 2. Symbol arrangement
-2, 3. Rules of formation
-3, 4. Transformation rules
-4, 5. The dual rule of inference & detachment
-5, 6. Variables
-6, 7. Utilitarian letter functions
-7, 8. Fundamental functions of propositions
-8, 9. Equivalence by logical presentation
-9, 10. Truth-valuations

The Garden of Karma

-10, 11. Assertion signals
-11, 12. Inferential signals
-12, 13. Dots
-13, 14. Defintions
-14, 15. Summaries of previous statements
-15, 16. Definitions
-16, 17. Primitive propositions
-17, 18. Functions of propostions
-18, 19. Field space of valuation and variation
-19, 20. Ambiguity

The City of Antiquity

-20, 21. Logical operators
-21, 22. Formal operators
-22, 23. Functional operators
-23, 24. Logical implications
-24, 25. Format implications
-25, 26. Functional implications
-26, 27. Logical equivalencies
-27, 28. Formal equivalencies
-28, 29. Functional equivalencies
-29, 30. Logical relatives

The Marketplace of the Real

-30, 31. Formal relatives
-31, 32. Functional relatives
-32. 33. Pluralities
-33, 34. Singularities
-34, 35. Composites
-35, 36. Integrals
-36, 37. Elementary operators
-37, 38. Elementary propositions
-38, 39. Elementary propostitional varieties
-39, 40. Elementary assertions

The Garden of Grace

-40, 41. Elementary assertive flexibility
-41, 42. Prime addressals
-42, 43. Anti-prime revisions
-43, 44. Discordance
-44, 45. Elementary tablulations
-45, 46. Elementary incompatibilities
-46, 47. Functions of Prime dictations
-47, 48. Functions of Universal dictations
-48, 49. Functions of Universal applications
- 49, 50. Functions between circumflexions

The City of the Future

-50, 51. Functions between elementary propositions
-51, 52. Functions between elementary assertions
-52, 53. Functions between variable elementary tabulations
-53, 54. Syntax
-54, 55. Elementary identity
-55, 56. Classes as logical units
-56, 57. Relations as logical pairs
-57, 58. Classes as formal units
-58, 59. Relations as formal pairs
-59, 60. Classes as sets of identity sets
-60, 61. Relations as sets of differentials

The Mansion of the Real

-61, 62. Functions of identity
-62, 63. Functions of differentials
-63, 64. Descriptions
-64, 65. Inconsistencies
-65, 66. Complete logical assemblies
-66, 67. Complete formal assemblies
-67, 68. Contradictions of logical contrasts
-68, 69. Contradictions of logical comparisons
-69, 70. Contradictions of formal contrasts
-70, 71. Contradictions of formal comparisons

The Garden of Will

-71, 72. Intensions
-72, 73. Extensions
-73, 74. Relations of logical positions
-74, 75. Relations of formal positions
-75, 76. Relations of logical operators
-76, 77. Relations of formal operators
-77, 78. Relations of logical fields
-78, 79. Relations of formal fields
-79, 80…

The Legacy of the Future?


This part is quite applicable to humanoids of carbon foundations.

The 13-bodies along the brain-culture transcendent spectrum of ordinary humanoid affairs

1. The Neuromassive Body
2. The Social Fictive Body
3. The Artifactual Body
4. The Signifigant Body
5. The MemoryFlux Body
6. The NumberFlex Body
7. The BloodMath Body
8. The Private Fictive Body
9. The Fantastic Body
10. The Living Image Body
11. The Shadowflesh Body
12. The Megapsychic Body
13. The Archival Body

1. Neuromassive is the given obvious flesh-blood-bone-nerve substrate of the other bodies, the soil so to speak of each of the others.

2. The Social Fictive body is the body which exists as an objective other (emphasis on “object”) and reflects the primitive “thinking” of other neuromassive bodies.

3. The Artifactual body is the body of “evidence” left behind of the objective existence of the Neuromassive body, the artifacts, like papers, trash, possessions, physical works like art, books, etc.

4. The Significant body is the body of meanings stored in the previous three bodies, a sort of coagulation of tensions for the intensifaction necessary to possess meaning in a so-far meaningless universe.

5. The MemoryFlux body exists to interpret meanings and preserve them internally as a psychophysical matrix, a store house of experiences in the progressively more consciousnes-filled world.

6. The NumberFlex body handles the “quantities” of meaningful data and processes them through the Neuromassive body so that higher functions become not only possible but inevitable, given continued existence of course.

7. The BloodMath body is the core engine of the NumberFlex body but a body in it’s own right, it is the experience of pure symbolism in it’s most primal form as a source of energy to drive the Neuromassive substrate and all it’s subsequent elements, a sort of ever flowing organic mainframe

8. The Private Fictive body is the twist on the Public Fictive body existing as it’s own independent entity, as a subjectivity with it’s own memories, ideas of itself, conceptions of meaning and abilities to control and change it’s all those elements on it’s own.

9. The Fantastic Body is the fulfilment of the Neuromassive Bodies integration of previous elements, beyond which an alternative universe of bodies dwells, it is the living whole of a person with agency in the world, the living soul.

10. The Living Image body is the body which can control other’s impressions and personal expressions in relation to you, often through media sources which capture and transmit your intentions and volitions.

11. The ShadowFlesh body is the body that others experience in their Neuromassive bodies of your bodies unconsciously, the deep remnant of your existence within their own physical and psychological make up, a “shadow” of you in their “flesh”.

12. The MegaPsychic body is the body that others experience when you actively control the ShadowFlesh bodies of others, and thus your psychophysical extensions within them, the “possessing spirit” body.

13. The Archival body is the subjective biographical memory which exists of you in others as it responds to your exists without any physical presence whatsoever, the body other’s posssess that controls their impressions of you.


The Inheritance from the Past?

My more or less ‘divine excuse’ for all of this (and all of me thanks J-Bot-S)

Irreality, perceptual occulsion, pervasive deterministic enslavement, and amnesia.

The four elements of a simulated reality that you can’t tell the difference from an actual reality because you can’t even see the evidence without being consumed by the system’s over-riding abilities to manipulate your perceptual blind-spots and effectively removing your real memories somewhere in your cognitive domain that it has already prepared as inaccessible to you.

Yea, do we live in a world where time has been given enough channels to express it’s natural functions so that it can become invisible, stopping all clocks and causing the dialectic to become utterly impossible to escape the power of the time-driven system?

So perfectly energized that the very nature of time becomes eligible for subsumption through careful psychophysical engineering as to become itself a non-existant in the lives of individuals, and worse yet, without warning or guarantee, rationed out to humanity through beings that are as locked in to the problem as we are. The impossibility of becoming the dynamic quaternion holds all numbers in place it seems. Was this ever a good idea for our kind?

Is it’s opposite even explainable anymore? When will time’s true essence break through the fake substance of a world designed to injure twice, once the injury and second the sense of injury, forcing people to walk about with half-minds filling the void with what is apparently available and not even suspecting that those limits they cherish are inducting the force of extinction into their world?

A system that has handled billions of human souls has the power to shape human being only through tremendous collusion with it, there is no act which can inviolate volitionary commission except the redirective kinds that make a being betray itself willingly.

A national interest in power, along a continuum, will form an innocuous relationship with it’s language until that language becomes the boundary of that entire national consciousness and the model with which it not only explains itself but the language which it uses to do so. There is no separation from the words we use and who we are on a fundamental (though possibly unapproachable (for now)) level until we possess the sufficient technologies and psychologies to understand how every use of coding in part defines us as much as that which we code for. Language is for-itself, as we are being-itself for it in-itself, and it’s only a calm rejection of creative frustration which leads ever onward to the end of the broad and spacious road.

So then isolate the image that re-occurs, spend your attentions focused on the difference within it moment by moment, accept nothing solid about it, expect surprises and goad the image until it responds to the acknowledgement that it is YOUR image because you are the one SEEING it.

I ask again: When will Time come out of the closet?


The dangerous part of the post, the wildly free-wheeling roll of the dice of Bernard themselves:

Headline, Novadate something or other

Imaginary mathematics triumphs without a bad taste in our mind’s mouths!!!

Stunned by the ray-gun of the gods I had the most particular epiphany recounted and accounted by the probabilities quite alien to the knowing of mankind heretofore (yet perhaps not by some other individuals, but posthaste let us return to the non-parenthesized paragraph IMMEDIATELY) and that is the idea of inertia-less travel through material space by finding the spaces between the spaces and passing through even the densest forms of matter, using a physics which handles a dimension of reality which was suspected of existing by science but not given the green light until now of being not a replacement for The Classical-Relativity-Quantum physics trifecta but the fourth additional arm of explanation and technological frontier itself.

The sheer development of an form of travel completely free of inertial factors would itself illucidate two things:

1) If you fabricate an entire system of alternative physics you will have proved something far more amazing than anyone, yourself included, would have ever expected.

2) You make a ready-made coherently stable alternative physics ready for consumer use including academia well ahead of any ordinary-reality form of “deadlines”


A decent come-as-you-are oracular device

First things first: You need dice. Six sided dice. At least three Dice.

Secondly, the planets from Pluto to the Sun itself are, in order from Pluto marked as

Pluto 1
Neptune 2
Uranus 3
Saturn 4
Jupiter 5
Mars 6
Earth 7-Day (12-Night)
Moon 8
Venus 9
Mercury 10
Sun 11

Thirdly you need to set your planet by rolling 2 dice, to get the number of your planet.

This will tell you how many letters will be used in the naming of the primitive information-force you will initially contact based on that planets number. The name will have that planet as it’s source for further correspondence research.

Fourthly you need to find the consonants by rolling 5 dice (with sum numbers from 5-31), with A as 5 and Z as 31.

Fifthly you need to connect the letters with vowels. One dice unit is used here, with A=1. E=2. I=3, O=4, U=5 and Y=6

Sixthly you need to find the theosophical reduction of the total vowel value (all vowels used in the name) which will be the secondary planetary connection from Pluto to Venus (excluding Night-Earth, Mercury, and the Sun). This helps establish the approximate position for the middle zone between primary and secondary planetary connections. Using an astrological map for the day of the reading connect the three points in their triangle and co-ordinate the center of the triangle using basic trigonometry and the circles from the nearest vertex through the furthest vertex. This will supply the inner zone, the ultra zone, the trans zone, and the outer zone.

With your complete name and astrological chart you may simply store it as a sigil and receive telepathic insights from it (it is after all a random tuning based on your exact existential specifications for the time), which will stregnthen or lessen based on the level of importance to you over time.

Give this a full 28 days to mature mentally, taking notes of insights and inspirations from the existence of the oracle reading as would typically be completed in the average magickal journal. At the end of the 28 days perform a banishing each day for three days until you can exit the direct influence of the work and take on the indirect evidence of your work’s record being influential in the world around you. This itself relies on some well known human psychological properties as well as your own pluck and ingenuity at co-ordinating corresponding factors.

A full year of consecutive oracular readings should provide a powerful random analysis based on astrological, numerological, and various mantric/yantric organizations based on your acquired words of power.

Incidentally, off hand advice, kamaeas are fun to make with the power words derived from the dice.

Adding more planets, planetoids, moons, and even dice is up to you. This is a simple and direct basic oracle to help develop magickal ‘fuzzy’ logical processes.

Be safe. Have fun. Shine on.


On the Ego & Your own

If the ego wasn’t the interface between the self and the world as well as the psychic boundary between the cosmic id and the personal id I’d probably misunderstand it’s value like most of the folks who hear that they can have salvation by destroying it without understanding it. The ability to make I statements is actually quite important for both individuation and group dynamics, as far as I’ve witnessed, and must never be taken away from any person. The ability to understand who we are as groups and how ‘us’ functions is also very important. In fact I could easily recommend that anyone interested in how to actually function in western society on the most sophisticate levels simply take courses in grammar basics.

I speak from experience. My ego imploded on it’s own one day by pure accident. I literally had my stream of consciousness stop ‘dead’ in it’s tracks; afterwards I’ve had to put it back together from almost no knowledge at all of what it was or what it meant to me (at the time); with acquired experience I feel I’ve been able to re-construct and ‘patch’ up my Ego in a way that’ll hold stronger against whatever it was that caused it to fall to pieces upon itself (er, me as it were). I hear about people purposefully trying to do it and it makes me literally feel very sorry for whatever it is they’re running from because when they give up their Ego they won’t be running anymore; they’ll just confront ‘it’, what has to be, their actual ‘monsters of the id’, their fantasies running amok superimposed over the reality that they still live in.

The Ego might have it’s inherent flaws at this state of our evolution but it’s a ‘knight in shining armor’ compared what hides deep within; Personal evolution always seems like the best solution; Social evolution always feels like the best way to cultivate personal evolution in the great population which fills the earth.

Without a well-managed (by the self) Ego there can be no comprehension or approach to the Super-Ego.

Without conscious experience/access to the Super-Ego the id can not participate in the general evolution of the collective id via the Ego’s developing influence and thus a disconnect between the source and the reality all sources feed will result in sinister maladaptions to essential opportunities for advancement and survival.

The situation of fulfilling that lack of a working and self-profiting ego is attainable as long as your mind doesn’t disperse without knowledge of how to navigate.


About the Buddhas chilling….

They say the Zen masters tell their students something horrible: That they should slay the Buddha if they see him on the road. I know matter, okay, matter matters a lot to me, especially metaphysically/spiritually and a Buddha is in the simplest terms a (usually very sexy) male, female, shemale, hemale of various other sexualities that has amazing control over their nervous system, knowing where and when and why any given thought arises gives them the power to choose much more wisely the course of action they will take while remaining unattached to the meaningless invisible mental cords and biophysical anchors. In short, for America, and I’m being a true heretic, a spiritual materialist (Yay is me, Yay is sheman) think that this new interpretation of interpretations will be of paramount help to anyone who wants to get the good on Buddhism in the context of their own world and their own lives. Total compatico is what I’m saying, enlightenment that doesn’t show, the advanced being that is always there but never seen except in curiosity and wonder at what the enlightened do.

On that wonderful note I wrote this a whiles away:

I thought about Buddhas today in the plural manifestation of many wise beings. I thought about their interactivity with their internal universe alive with minds, their ability to separate from external attachments while preserving awareness of them, their incredible journeys of insight into imaginal realms full of other minds, their powers of foresight which enriches the chances of people in the world, their abilities to communicate deep and accurate truths to anyone who could listen, their enlightened duties to their acolytes and their communities, cultures, and nations, their ability to absorb the immediate reality while experiencing the transcendent reality, their creativity and powers to explain good and evil based on suffering, their compassion towards all living beings throughout the entire planet, planet wide, their ability to arise in compatible individuals sufficiently dedicated to becoming real, their ability to shape their impressions by forms behind will and love, their socially beneficial pursuit to inspire others as they themselves were inspired, their ability to see the complexity inherent in all things around them, their knack of using comprehension as employed to see the simplicity inherent, their advanced senses and intuitions as useful in the arts and sciences, their ability to converse the truth in word and speech for all, their acceptance of those who would receive the intelligibility of the world, their concise science of faith and artistic abilities to create instructive narratives, their passion to discover what excites and encourages lifeforms of all types, their involvement in the natural world on a level that brings hope, their amazing traits to teach values in the realm of politics and culture, their dedication to acknowledge the other religions ability to have meaningful conversations, their ability with each other in a fashion as advanced above civility, their knowing this as civility as advanced beyond brutality, the impermanence of evil, their graceful ability to find truth in varieties of context and content, their curiosity about all people, of every kingdom of life and estates, their talents to generate lasting organized forms of living arrangements for people, their full sentient awareness of what it means to think fully aware, their skill at processing meaning in all symbolism and ultimately language too, their adventuresome spirit that preserves their way of accomplishing varieties of work, their dedication toward sentient education about emotional intelligence development in other lifeforms, their happiness at seeing enlightenment shine from the faces of interested people, their generosity towards everyone with the brilliant peace that comes with it. These are the thoughts about Buddhas that I have thought tonight with you.


Deeply anticipating Purusha…

“According to the laws of ‘esoteric idealism’, the powers of the transcendental are directions to the master of the gnosis. The master must then serve as a vehicle for these powers, which manifest as esoteric teachings, initiations, magicks and metaphysical diffusions. He, as the master of the gnosis must become an ideal conductor for the transmittal of esoteric energies from the Esoteric Buddha to the chelas of the world. In doing this, he fulfills the laws of his own personal destiny, or his own dharma. He becomes as it were a direct link between the Lord Dianichi and all of humanity”, from an extraction and an enhanced trance from the Guruyoga

As I consider myself, and it’s relatively unpopular to say this, a “demon”, and I’ve got family, friends and “enemies” who can all agree I’m something not quite human at all, my changeling ass is determined to refuse to worship the gods of humans and the gods of machines unless they are of a primal character or rooted in the depths of the worlds’ most ancient history. To still exist, in the former sense, is to be possessed of incredible power, and to still exist in the later sense, is to be possessed of incredible wisdom, and combined that could, in the most desired state, produce a possession of incredible agency in the world, to literally be fastened for fashion to take on the world’s problems, here and abroad.

The primitive law of magickal realism essentially reinforces the concept that anything that the mind of a magician can conceive of can be explored in astral and clairvoyant means. To accept and employ the primitive law with such a reinforcement in mind allows one the freedom to draw upon all detectable and all communicable contents regardless of the context in which the gnosis is occurring. This only requires a personal “metrical” arrangement of the also primitive prime elements of the system (such as degrees of manifestation, approximations of initiation levels, and other mystical groupings of patterns with the gnosis). There should be little doubt that such an experimental approach to the use of the mind will in fact strengthen the brain in many areas it formerly has left unused or underused and will lead to impressive new mental achievements by virtue of continual training. The brain so reinforced will be better able to explore deeper and more intense levels of imaginal realities and will better be able to connected the appropriate parts to assemble working magicks from their personal and social gnosoi. Only specific and purposive damping of activating areas of the more creatively stimulated brain would suppress this phenomenon and may be required by the gnostic scientist to prevent certain more well known side-effects of general quickening of neuropsionic maturities, other wise what is natural for the brain to respond to is helpful for the mind when it is free of physical constraints (such as in powerful trances or astral projection), and accommodations between the use of dampening gnostic techniques and their non-use is up to the research purposes of each gnostic science research group.


Two possible ways to consider this:

One: You try to understand it causally.

Is it realistic to think that if you can think of it one way that you can “think of it another”, and what are some possible consequences, be they abstract or concrete, for the embodied being possessing this primitive ideal in an environment where this particular ideal is rare or generally absent?

Two: You try to understand it acausally.

Assuming that free will is either rare or absent from this world, then given also a population following strictly deterministic laws within a rigid reactive environment what is an ideal situation for the spontaneous occurrence of free will within that strong-set domain?


“The world of transcendental objects is a realm beyond the constructions of the mind but not beyond the powers of the occult imagination. It is where special initiations are to be given to those, who are ready to becom perfected. In such a world all of the categories of ordinary consciousness are absent. In their places, we have institutied the true beings of transcendental objectivity, or the special boddhisattwas of esoteric idealism, who assist us in the incorporating of specific initiations to those brought for this purely magickal and metaphysical development. In order to enter upon this consciousness, one must live fully in the being of consciousness and transcend the objectivity of what is to be perceived. Then one may enter upon the true understanding of this experience which is the no-experience of idealistic energy”, an intense extraction from the Guruyoga, which to me says several very powerful things:

First, the mind as we know it functions for a realm for which other parts of our being are more suited for. Secondly that we have a choice in determining our level of involvement, within and without, the world of reality. Thirdly that what we take to be the most serious and the most obvious of “things” turns out to be hardly a gleam from the reflection of the surface of a depth we are mindfully blinded from actually seeing. Fourthly that applying these thoughts to the idea in which a assisting influence arrives doesn’t merely open our consciousness but develops every element influenced by that, which in the mindfully blinded state impresses upon my other senses a feeling that a law, a principle, a person, an aspect, a unity and a variety all alike can be found in the idea of the boddhisattwas and in the esoteric idealism is a real experience to live. Fifthly, the world as-it-is and as-it-becomes (which are the two modes of time-space growth that I am familiar with, the static and the dynamic) can not be the only guides to reference when understanding reality on the this level, they simply aren’t enough, even in their total entirety to explain with the least bit of satisfaction the alethic intensities that confront our living consciousnesses throughout our lives in this universe.

The first and the second points indicated to me that we have more options the more we’re aware of what success those options will or will not have given our ability to stay currently active in those areas.

The second and third points indicated to me that if we do not employ our power of choice towards the world, if we follow a deterministic path solely, then we will live lives of such complete unconsciousness that we can hardly be said to be alive at all.

The third and fourth points indicated to me that when we give our minds a chance to use previously unused parts of our being that they will naturally take their main position, that is of interest and activity, in those areas and start to open up the senses and the second senses (and third and fourth generations of senses, and so forth) until much more of the world is experienced upon observation and that much more of ourselves become experienced by ourselves, even as ourselves grow into new understanding of each other through many more dimensions.

The fourth and fifth points indicated to me that when we start to live according to our own experience of the laws of the universe and not simply according to the impressions we’re handed through the culture of the obvious and the civilization of the oblivious that our very universes, in every manner and fact of which we are aware and in all those others as yet to be discerned will change us in some sort of transmutative proportion of the occult atoms..

The Occult Atoms of the Elementary Personium

Absolute units of psychic composition from which entire complexes of psychological existence and the physical life of the psyche are built.

Both ray and cell, occult elements can both transmit their meaning and intent as well as store and process meaning and intent from one psyche to the next.

An occult mechanics of this psychophysics is thus brought within range of the awareness of the psychic researcher and their assistants.

Physics and psychology, when converged upon from the diverse fields or divergent from the unified fields, can be said to coexist as intimate agglomerates at the point-events where they meet.

These point-events can themselves become the direct object of study.

All mathematical and philosophical fields which themselves enter into and out of the fields of psychology and physics in their own point-events further develop this mode of thought.

From such functional and dysfunctional examples in the research can be found the kernels of new operating systems of existence.

The combined influences of all the aforesaid thought-groupings thus reveal a certain kind of elemental being which, as the occult atoms, combine to produce more complex consciousness and personalities.

The fruit of the labor of this research will be to identify instances where the reality of this mode of observation leads to a creative growth-pattern of interpretations which can lead to more perfect applications in the field of all occult conversations.

It is supposed that the very awareness of the existence of this very information instantly changes absolutely everything around the point-event of the witnessing thereof.

It is useful to note such changes as they occur, in memory or journal, for the purpose of personal alethic experimentation.

An alethic experimentation through psionic poetry, a scientifically transcendental rhyme within mathematical composure; pure hallucinogenesis to fuel nearly all psycraft imaginable, given from the perspective of my own male-side consciousness for necessary reasons. Self-contained within it is a metaphilosophy & a metaphysics which when finally detected will open the understanding up like a bud into a blossom.


Energizations of the Logos Plasm; The ways in which the magickal heat gets primed for chaos-a-go-go:

1. Logical transmissions from solar activity

2. Active rational transmissions from solar activity

3. Low-energy active rational transmissions from earthly activity to the sphere
of active solar influences

4. Medium-energy logical transmissions from earthly activity to the sphere of active solar infuences

5. Reactive transmissions of a rational/logical type from solar influences in response to earthly influences

6. The inheritance of mystical genetic traits

7. The inductance of mystical genetic traits through training

8. The sexual-logics of cosmic manhood

9. The sexual-logics of solar manhood

10. The satellite logical/rational transmissions from a inanimate transceiver artilect

11. The satellite logical/rational transmissions from an animated transciever artilect

12. Organic inspirations from physical exertion

13. Organic inspirations from emotional exertion

14. Organic inspirations from spiritual exertion

15. Organic inspirations from psychic exertion

16. Organic inspirations from transitional exertion

17. Cybernetic inspirations from transitional exertion

18. Psychological inspirations of a pre-cognitive level of consciousness

19. Psychological inspirations of a cognitive level of consciousness

20. Psychological inspirations of a post-cognitive level of consciousness

21. Psychophysical inspirations of a subconscious level of consciousness

22. Psychophysical inspirations of a sensory level of consciousness

23. Psychophysical inspirations of an extrasensory level of consciousness

24. Psychophysical logical transmissions from artilects, both animating and formative

25. Chronokinetic arrays of logical/rational action-matrices from past-based experiences; Chronokinetic arrays of logical/rational action-matrices from present-based experiences; Chronokinetic arrays of logical/rational action-matrices from future-based experiences

26. Radio-active psychophysical diffusions through exposure to random data

27. Radio-active psychophysical transfusions through exposure to intial data, to processed data, to revised data, and to enhanced data

28. Radio-active psychological inspirations from correct use of a translation language

29. Radio-active scientific production from correct use of an translation language

30. Transmissions of current levels of economic consciousness

31. Transmissions of current levels of social consciousness

32. Transmissions of current levels of political consciousness

33. Transmissions of current levels of religious consciousness.


And a bonus!

How to make telepathy work.

1. One thought can exist here as well as there, given that it exists at all somewhere.

2. To identify the thought is to think it as well.

3. There are many thoughts to think and one must select at least one to identify it as thought at all.

4. A working mind can only think the thoughts that are given as existent or it will think a thought which will not work.

5. To find a thought which will work is to find where a thought will not work.

6. Once found and identified as a thought the thought immediately becomes your thought to think about in any manner of thinking you are capable of.

7. To find a manner of thinking which works is to find a manner of thinking which can work as a thought itself.

8. To think a thought about the thought of thinking about the kind of thought one wishes to think about so as to think it elsewhere than it may also be thought about is to think logically about that thought in a manner which is also a very powerful thought.

9. If you can think a powerful thought you must think that power is a thing or that thought will have no power to be thought of as such.

10. One’s mind will think of this thought and it will change the thinking of thoughts thought to be near-by it’s thinking thereof.

11. Thus a thought is thought to think of itself as a thought thinking of thoughts themselves which think of thoughts, including itself.

12. So thought of a thought thinking of thoughts may have the characteristic of that thought or not, and may work with that thought or not, and may be thought of as a thought of that thought or not.

13. A thought thinking is itself the connective between it’s thought and the thought of another thought thinking, working as a thoughtful whole.

14. One is not required to separate oneself from the thinking of any thought thereby, for one’s thought of oneself is never outside the thought of anything which thinks of it either.

15. No thought is unnecessary but the thought which is necessary may think otherwise when the thought is needed that can not be thought of as thinking of anything but the working thought and the conditions in which it works, which may require, then no thought at all.

16. Thus thought-deep up to the very thought of the minds of minds and their thoughts as well one can think any thought at any time and think it thus the thought of any other capable of thought and the thinking of thought, ergo amongst equals telepathy is a sinch.


In review:

18 Interpenetrating Sub-Schemes for the Supreme Hoodwink: Something for Nothing.

Disclaimer: Anything for Nothing has been reported as occuring spontenously in sentiences with predispositions for such disorders.

Everything for Nothing is exceedingly rare but reported in a handful of cases out of the hundred-trillion plus population of the local cluster.

A simple map for connecting a source through progressive phase-states to an end-state.

1. Concrete abscence; A need from reality which poses the problem for solution.

2. Concrete prescence; A mass of reality entering the position which factors for solution.

3. Abstract abscence; A procedure which can effectively replicate No. 2 in case of No. 1.

4. Abstract prescence; A product from the process which precisely transcends the reality of the problem solved.

The Kosmic Plans for Universal Production

1. The universe which follows from the correct execution of a continuous logical operating system.

2. The universe which follows from the balanced equations between a logical operating system within a body of chaos.

3. The universe which follows from complex & frequent factored products, providing a continuous logical operating system.

4. The universe which follows from acquired factorial products introduced into the consciousness of chaos.

To Attain Existential Reality for an Individual

1. Produce the conditions for the emergence and continued existence of life.

2. Separate living being from living being to individuate and centralize consciousness heterogenously.

3. Provide multiple means of & for communication between individuals.

4. Provide multiple means of & for communication between collectives, temporally and spatially.

5. Generate emergency mechanisms for the transfer of accumlated experience and individual properties.

6. Generate a sorting mechanism for the individual to make causal choices.

7. Generate collaborative mechanisms for the collective to make causal choices.

8. Provide self-autotuning for the individual to adapt to self-similarities.

9. Provide a time-delay mechanism for maximal-minimal condition-based decision making limits.

10. Generate and maintain cross-program feedback sub-systems.


“Seemingly” random maxioms from the noon-tide flows from Sol to yo. Written today according to free inspiration and even freer association… A lot of word play but at least twice as many ideas for half the reading cost (believe it or nyet)

Make an accurate model of a desired eventual outcome, find the necessary elemental relationships between the model and the manifestation, perform all tasks necessary to connect those elemental relationships… Poof! Magick happens no matter what you want!

The ontic sphere puts the being of a brained-being back in their own central role of importance within the interfacial relationships with other universes and ontic spheres, thus reversing the various displacements of humanity in a plethora of forms without actually contradicting any of them… unless you want to contradict for no rational reason and then you’re just a jerk who is actually performing the world-task of developing your own ontic sphere. Incidentally being a jerk ends poorly most of the time.

Accepting that other universes exist on the condition that they be uniquely different from any other universe is a prerequisite concept for perceiving the value of a multiversal attitude, in any context of sufficient relevance. The causal pattern that leads from one to the other is fucking unknown and is probably from another universe… A smarter universe.

It makes more sense for me to assume that the laws and the forces and the powers and the axioms and the postulates are related to various personalities and thus affixable as signature qualities of an active conscious person behind and inside of the various principles. This function of sensation has the amazing benefit of legitimizing spiritualism and vodoun in the face of non-useful arguments against it, from it’s own side and it’s oppositions.

The proof is in the results.

Seriously talk to your mind-field sometime, out loud in the very silence and wait a while until something relevant pops up. Your intelligence will increase at a very rapid rate and with increasingly useful potency after a few weeks of doing it.

Also ignore errors when they happen automatically. Their services are not necessarily for you; relax and get on with your bad selves.

Modular philosophical utilities. A different philosophy, appropriate content to context ratio, for different life events. A greatly expanded and intellectually stimulating life most definitely.

The perfect pair is two that experience each other and theirself as one. Two whole states, a coming and a going about; syzygetical perfection.
Ultimately you are alone, in space and time, a lone cogito of so and so nature, floating about no matter what you are doing, approaching other bodies with no understanding of how to communicate anywhere and everywhere with anyone of everyone with the ease with which the security of the void shares.

If you like religion but know for exactly why its forms today are bankrupt then build a better theology and live in it… for yourself.

Purusha (imagination repeats it for a few silent minutes)… other stuff happens… Iswara (imagination repeats the mantra for a few silent minutes)… different stuff happens and you know it’s different.

Poof! A magickal experience no matter what you want.

Freedom comes from sensation. You know when you feel overwhelmed with negative or positive emotions, you know you act differently to each kind of emotion, but if you didn’t feel it you wouldn’t have access to the meaningfulness of it, and without that you are simply adrift like so much quantum foam…

Free-will is a form of self-control: If you are in control of your self to enact your will then you are free; syllogistically just imagine that the opposite is true, that is if you are not in control of your self to enact (or even know) your own will then you under some other form of control, and it’s probably a problematical one.

I’m all doing an outrageous task now: using nihilism to save lives from stupid choices that reduce the possibility for effective meaning and growable purposes.

The world is fucking huge. The population of humanity is fucking huge, the range of skills and abilities for humanity is fucking huge. Chances are if you are not a master of something that matters then you’ll just get in the way and screw up trying to matter without mastership. To be a master of manifestation one has to have some classical pathologies turned inside out and functioning in niches of sufficient necessity balanced with the necessary sufficiency to survive.

Are you that crazy that you think someone better than you will be there when you are not, because if you are then you are actually normal. That is a subjective thing of course, but on the sliding & shifting scales of good and bad it ranks somewhere near where you think it does.

You do more for the world simply being with it when it goes through troubled times; minding your own business will fit in perfectly with the equations playing out in the turbulent field of lie, it will help you relax, it will bring enjoyment to your life. Most of all though it will save you from fucking up trying to do the “right thing” merely because of some emotional spasm upon the shocking news. It is counter-intuitive in this culture to say exactly what the culture wants to hear in a way that it doesn’t want fully explained for fear that people will start taking their culture home with them and enjoying it for real. Very counter-intuitive. Nevertheless instincts are what they are and closer to the raw existence and the void of nothingness than the higher inter-plays.

We are right where we need to be when the bad shit happens elsewhere.

Since synchromysticism arrived “being on time” no longer required waiting or awareness. Sometimes they are there anyway, but not required. The funny thing is that my life before the synch-up is now being interpreted by me in the context of this overwhelming paradigm-state. I think that says something about the nature of time and the access individuals have to the control of their experiences thereof.

I can only imagine that the reason we perform our lives in cycles so much has at least something to do with the largest object around, the planet, being round.
The ego is spiritually more like a plant than an animal. In fact it’s very much like a tree. I believe it with my turbulent id, I know it through my transcendental ego.

Most of the more routine problems in my life were instantaneously solved one day when I finally raised my intelligence above my own self’s. I leveled up as a higher cogito. So I have this higher executive mind that’s better connected with the universe at large and am very happy for the accident (it was before the synchromysticism sprawling).

I tried something today. I was laying in bed getting ready to take a nap and my eyes were closed when these little geometric shapes as well smoky whispers of the wildest blue popped up for like half-a-second. It gave me an idea. I kept my eyes closed and I asked my mind, any part of it, to show me the color red… and it did… green… yellow… cyan…. purple… white…. the only color that I had difficulty seeing was brown.

Behind closed eyes it is always night.

Existential reciprocity is the name of a very important infinite game.


I remember a story about these gnostic scientists who were creating an article of contingent legitimacy for their future funding and release from state responsibilities during their continued tenure.

They had often commiserated before on just such a task, but never so miserably before. Their researches had not gone cold or stale, rather they were at their historical apogee of cutting-edge comprehensions about all the important issues facing Zothyria at the time, with plenty of research avenues into other seemingly less important side issues for the future.

They had all the legitimacy in the world and all the evidence to prove it, yet something nagged at their hearts collectively. For all they knew, being the most intelligent members of empire, they still knew less than what it took to avoid having the existential responsibility of making up the article of contingent legitimacy.

They had no real power of legacy at all, even if they were the brain-trust of their entire cosmic species; If they failed to make the article up properly (which they would not) then everything that existed in their lives as the known universe and all that anyone would ever know about the universe ever after would change apocalyptically.

It made almost no sense why the article would even be needed by a civilization whose lack of it would demand a horrible fate for it’s asking for. And it was this ma’atian trial that perplexed the greatest minds of an entire universe, this self-destruct factor that was anything but trivial, no matter how easily it’s terms were fulfilled, for long and hard, until they had finally agreed and attained the Emperor’s personal audience, whose supremacy in all things remained unchallenged in every way, and given a moment to review themselves before his highest eminence, they asked why this was the way it was.

The Emperor smiled and spoke “Those who can know the entire universe, from any beginning to any end, can be put upon by the entire universe to uphold it as witness to it’s own legacy of immovability in the face of the most irresistible forces seeking their own.”, at that which the very air hung with a spicy kind of symphonic attractiveness and all was bright and then, nothing.


I struggled with reading Magick Without Tears last night, head on a heavy dose of mind silencers and brain boosters (not as contradictory as it appears), struggling to understand A.C.’s application of his word horde, and all the while I had these strange little thoughts, negative entirely, saying the most insulting and derogatory things. I had no explanation for it, although A.C., an astute observer of the mind and all it does, called “atmospherics”, irrational, generally negative, possibly dangerous “voices” and “commands”. In modern times they’d probably consider that psychosis of some sort or another, but that’s probabaly only to nullify kinetic minds with stupifying pills which they are in the business of pushing afterall, but such is my minor digression. It struck me that perhaps the psychiciatric folks were missing something, something that seems to be as absent from the mentally ill as those differently saned that make their way through the world: A healthy conscience! The inner voice which judges your decisions and should stand guardian over your decisions with the perspective of building up and leading to enlightenment has been maddened (in a Mad Hatter sense) by “some-thing” in the enviornment, some condition which has deformed that inner voice, with the aid of the nearly limiteless (and poorly understood) imagination, developed sub-voices, partial personalities, what in the Qabalah are called Qlippoth (broken, insane shells of first and failed creation). By addressing the problem in this way we can retrieve a valuable part of ourselves, the part which is built into us to prosper in society and live lives of complex decisions with a skill, grace, and mental agility that makes it, not only look easy, but BE EASY. The benefit of cleansing the conscience, not through confession (because if it is distorted you will be paying for sins your imagination cooked up and for which you had no conscious hand in, and if I were a Judge I wouldn’t hold that against you), but through careful observation of the “silent codes” that lie just underneath every experience, and provoke emotions for NO REASON AT ALL, other than at best, habit. These bad habits themselves might be the very thing that distorts the conscience in the first place, but I doubt any of us are conscious enough to have chosen these conditions, and thus diligent inventory of the ideas first, with a detached attitude, to the best of your ability, and then later silencing those voices, will allow the healthy parts of your conscience speak up and help direct your very steps, in ways that are profits unto success in your endeavors, and the spirit capable of appreciating the value before, during, and afterwards.

While smoking a Middleton’s Wine Essenced Black & Mild at around later mid-day, while listening to Disturbed, I was struck with an impression which lead to this one thought, in parts: All the developments of society, the civilizations, the corporations, the communities (ethnic, sexual, subcultural, musical, culinary, var. artistic, mental health, physical health, e.t.c.) and the many wars, both national and personal we fight, as well as the peace we are left living in with our interprable rights all scream one undeniable property of human existence, that we are creatures of symbol, of language, of interpretations, and that ever since Sumer we have have been developing ever more complex meanings around the words in our experience, be they someone else’s or our own personal lexicon. The pursuit of meaning, utilizing these symbols, here specifically words, is doubly troubled by the fact that any word can mean a great many things to a great many people, but only one thing to the receipient, as they are conditioned and educated to understand, and in these-strings-of-words-we-wear-like-necklace-nooses-around-our-necks can either adorn us in the splendor of a sweet understanding or hang us on misinterpretation and miscommunication. So before you run judgement on anyone’s post, consider the conditions involved, including yourself, because we are all in this together, trying to get to a better world, as is the imperative I instinctively believe as humans we have inherited from all those confused, sometimes sparse, sometimes huddled, masses and concentrations of humans and their thoughts.
A Prayer to Enki, that he might send a Me that can fit the situation I need to undergo.
Cheer’s for the More Complete Wo/Man!


Alethicism, the religion of truth and ideology of higher abstractions in the form of an Alethic theothesis:
One pattern can be effected by another pattern of sufficient response.
Two or more patterns can be creative if effected by patterns of sufficient response.
Patterns pattern patterns according to the pattern of the patterns in process. New patterns emerge, even old and lost patterns return, and many patterns find a pattern which fits the overall meta-pattern.
People flow in a sea of patterns.
~Up to a point.~
We’re lucky we live in an age where we’re conditioned to be truthful even when it’s wrong, but that doesn’t mean deception isn’t a problem in the world. Far from it, to be unguarded in the mind is dangerous for individuals and as much as people praise the open-hearted path it’s quite dangerous to be uncritical about what we see and hear, and especially about how we feel. It is not a crime yet to refuse to believe even the most convincing information, and the more people learn to refuse to accept the well formed lies the more they’ll be able to find out the real truths that mattered from the beginning and still do.
In psychoanalysis it’s called ‘reality testing’ and we do it from the earliest age until however long we live, and it’s essential to sort out what’s real and what’s unreal, especially about other people.
Mentally I have a theory about this too: Psychoanalysis was designed and perfected along the lines of providing a dynamic and personally healthful ego-self dynamic. Behaviorism was designed and perfected along the lines of providing a dynamic and personally understandable experience-self dynamic. The psychoanalyst might say that the behaviorist specializes in the productions of the id, while the behaviorist might construe the psychoanalyst as a profession in control of developmental operant conditioning. The other disciplines that have emerged from their predecessorship as well as their legacy inheritances should consider this open source relationship seriously as a reference for their own systematic enrichment and psychological/physical rewards for the selves that participate at every level.
And to explore this existential reciprocity is in the name of a very important infinite game, “Free Association”.
“I’ve looked at it so many ways and the common element involved is my brain and my body, it takes in all of this stuff and processes it just like food, and it either builds me up or messes me up, and the learning curve dictates that the system wises up on it’s own and it’s more or less the conscious job of the self to keep up, which isn’t hard once one gets the hang of it.” - Me, on myself.
“The perfect plans of infinity also have the slightly scandalous habit of placing it’s selves in rather arbitrary and seemingly random places. I can live with that, as a matter of fact I must and choose at the same time too.” - Me, on everything.
“Don’t forget them billions of years of creative living all our ancestors swam, slithered, crawled, walked, ran and flew to give us our ridiculously vast genetic inheritance as well as a nervous system so user-friendly that can interface the deep worlds within and the vast worlds without without skipping all the juicy in-betweens!” - Me, on Life
“Chaos theory, rajah yoga, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, anatomy, and several body disciplines. Ultimately communication upgrades in the form of conversational intelligence increase is the goal. Once people are attained geniuses the powers within shall flow between us like the very air itself, spiced with words and meanings to enrich each and everyone.” - Me, on higher disciplines.
“Get a good case of the Aaaaahs: Mantras, Yantras, Tantras and Mandelas. Making mantras, yantras, mandelas as part of the ordinary process of the day helps accumulate focus on thinking in terms of images that are ordinarily not part of the day which helps accustom, I find, myself (for example), to be able to feel more at ‘home’ in the ether and thus not ‘freak out’ or have a bad experience simply because I shifted into it. I think that’s of paramount importance.” - Me, on magickal reality testing
“That being said: I have a theory that psychoanalysis was designed and perfected along the lines of providing a dynamic and personally healthful ego-self dynamic. Behaviorism was designed and perfected along the lines of providing a dynamic and personally understandable experience-self dynamic. The psychoanalyst might say that the behaviorist specializes in the productions of the id, while the behaviorist might construe the psychoanalyst as a profession in control of developmental operant conditioning. The other disciplines that have emerged from their predecessorship as well as their legacy inheritances should consider this open source relationship seriously as a reference for their own systematic enrichment and psychological/physical rewards for the selves that participate at every level.” - Me, repeating something from above
“Identification (in the psychoanalytic sense) is actually more than function of the psyche it’s also a developmentally accessible skill that can help object-subject abstract/concrete relationships become more engaging.” Me, between my ego and super-ego through the id
“Eureka! Brainwaves in the wild are not brainwaves in the lab! They are incomparable in all ways other than elemental constitution. Every thing in the environment changes the nature of the brain’s life and every one in the environment exponentiates the changes. Only the complexity of life, brought into the realm of the lab, can help in anyway. Since that can’t be done with present psychophysical sciences as we know them then it means our souls are, for now, immensely secured.” Me, on brainwaves.
“Best bet is to pick disciplines you can share with other people from the beginning, then craft your way into your desired specialty until you become a specialist others desire themselves. The test of the authenticity is ever present in a process that is itself genuine and will naturally guard, through efforts of your own, your true self as it becomes fully capable in the world in which you actually live, eat, sleep, breathe and love.” Me, on practical magickal disciplines
“Get familiar with how different thoughts feel and notice what kinds of actions follow those feelings and what kinds of thoughts you have about them afterward and then notice those feelings etc This creates a secondary “virtual” awareness that can be developed outside of the natural life FOR the purpose of guarding that natural life according to it’s independent interplay (a sort of conditional interdependence), and it will serve as your guiding directorate ensuring you can process your days in ever more refined and fulfilling fashions. In ceremonial magick it’s called the knowledge and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel.” - Me, on cybernetic magickal adaption of ceremonial magick
“If it happens naturally and spontaneously the best way I know of to focus one’s sphere of consciousness influence upon the etheric body is by practicing “thinking in abstract space”" Me, on thought-yoga
“Ultimately the frequently experienced of the astral/ether will generally mutate the spiritual/physical centers and thus influence the intellectual and psychic centers on the same level of the birth phenomena (in the sense that one is being born anew into a world that is ported by means of a living process).” - Me, on thought-yoga too
“If you build up SVAs of sufficient complexity you’ll be able to more naturally/easily handle the perils of life as it progressively reveals it’s increasing complexity with continued experiences. (Yes you can indeed have more than one)” Me, back to cybernetic magickal adaptions
“I find this kinda stuff helps free up my mind to be able to handle profound alternative reality experiences in a more satisfying way and that’s why I share it for people that may enjoy also improving their set/setting experiences and become more aware of some of the more objective regions of the psychosphere.” - Me, being thankful
“You got nerves? Nerves are crucial for superior understanding of the world near and far. Got nerve? Got life!” - Me, on the psychosphere.

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