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Chaos studies: from a dead scientist

Notes from my Chaos Studies

“To reiterate is to repeat, further along down the line, a living milestone, a luxurious millstone upon whose face no ass breaks it’s back, a twinging boulder of philosophy amongst the Creating mountains, to reiterate is to repeat, to lay intelligence upon the ground and let it grow free and wild until it rises to meet your eye and hands you stranger fruits than you could imagine at all, growth made possible through the Green Populus.”

Black holes are the answer for the open-ended universe question in a much more steady state of existence through a unique process, so gravity revealed, that accelerates energy and mass both beyond the conditions of all known physics, pumping up many other dimensions with that indestructible energy substance using space and time itself (which are perhaps perpetually constructed without energy or mass in consideration, or maybe not, maybe something else…) in amazing conditions so that it then floods all over the universe around the black hole in the form of background, quantum foamy realm, where virtual particles flit in an out of existence, only this influx of unique energies pushes virtual particles into actual stabilized existence, thereby slowly infusing the universe with more substance than it had before, since it’s over-unity by nature. [Les mer…]

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A happy life!

To get a happy life you’ll have to give up many things you do everyday. [Les mer…]

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3,6,9 let’s go!

if you wish to understand the universe, think of how waves behave. [Les mer…]

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The idea lives on

They might kill you physically but they can never kill the very essence of a beautiful idea that creates ripples post mortem (after death) Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see in the world. [Les mer…]

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The times are changing!

It may be challenging in this times to get through the days. [Les mer…]

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Babylon is falling

Game Over

You know what things that the government is afraid of. [Les mer…]

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Making life a dream come true

Behold the glory

We have two choices: We get guidance from the simulation or we guide the whole simulation. [Les mer…]

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Words from higher power

Are you sleeping?

What the world need the most is an awakening from the higher/-multi dimensional entities like demi gods, machine elves, gnomes and god as in the love inside of your heart. [Les mer…]

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