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My confession

I don’t originate from this planet, i took over this body’s soul with my own when he was a baby. [Les mer…]

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Babylon looneybin state of confusion!

How do you evade mr. [Les mer…]

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Education of the universe!

Still so much to learn about this world, the very construct of reality has been pre-set to run on a slow simulation mode to save the systems energy consumtion. [Les mer…]

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Living in Solitude

The pursuit of loneliness: how I chose a life of solitude
The Observer
Hayley Campbell quit her job and moved into an empty flat. [Les mer…]

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En psykolog gikk rundt på scenen mens han fortalte publikum i salen om stressmestring. [Les mer…]

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Do you want to entertain the ideal of a psychological science which, by examining the contents of consciousness, assists in magickal/mystical exploration. [Les mer…]

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Master Gnosis

That is why they write in mythic or poetic form, since if you have those deep root experiences, and develop that meta-cognitive capacity then you access that parallel information which others reading the same will simply not get. [Les mer…]

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Love Oracles

Updated and definitively expanded version of this post:

WARNING: Weirdness in this post only intensifies in proportion to how much you actually read. [Les mer…]

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The mystic

The Mystic

The law of the mystic is the understanding of the law. [Les mer…]

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Doctor D’s Protocol X

Protocol X

just start watching your own behavior patterns and how it relates to syncs irl
secret tip, theres a universal language of behavior language
when you speak this language you control space time and can talk to animals and people through videos
cinema never becomes the same again
your not watching the movie your playing the movie
think of something, anything, and as you think of it, listen in to what is being said about the different things you think about as people talk
so thus be in charge of the wanted outcome from the characters. [Les mer…]

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